Product Release And Life Cycle

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The ArkCase product is typically released on the following schedule:

  • 3-4 releases per year

Upon General Availability (GA) of a release (e.g., ArkCase 2020.01), that version is scheduled for deprecation 24 months after GA release date. After deprecation, an additional 12 months of support will be available prior to end of maintenance and then no support will be provide past that date. Example release and dates below.

Version Release Date Deprecation Date End of Maintenance Date
2020.01 January 2020 January 2022 January 2023
2020.06 June 2020 June 2022 June 2023

Customers on an active Service and Maintenance contract are eligible for product updates during their contract period. Additionally, customers on active Service and Maintenance contracts may continue to purchase add-on component licenses for any release that hasn’t been deprecated.

In example, if a customer has ArkCase 2020.01 with an active Service and Maintenance contract and ArkCase  2020.01 was released on January 2020, the customer may add additional licenses to ArkCase 2020.01 components for up to 24 months from January 2020.