ArkCase, a global leader in open-source and enterprise case management, is designed to take advantage of the benefits realized from an open standard platform that offers agility, growth and resilience.

ArkCase incorporates years of client requirements supporting the fundamental characteristics embodied in various case management solutions with the flexibility to meet customer’s organization and industry requirements.

ArkCase platform accelerates case management implementations by allowing the extension of the modular capabilities (i.e., Enterprise Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Business Process Management).

ArkCase provides a configurable platform with core components necessary to modernize an enterprise solution including content management, personalized dashboard, AI/ML, predictive analytics, reporting, and workflow.

ArkCase Community Edition
Self-support and core functionality.
ArkCase Enterprise Edition
Business-critical applications in production.
Scalability, performance, and support included.
ArkCase Viewer Only ArkCase Viewer, Annotation, & Redaction
Online Editing Online Editing and Co-Editing
Pentaho CE for Reporting Full Pentaho Business Analytics Suite
LAMP Stack & Chrome Support Major OS and Browser Support
No AI Integration AI Integrations (e.g., Transcription)
Angular Forms Angular or ArkCase Forms Designer
No Clustering or High Performance Support High Availability/Clustering & Scalability
Self and Online Support Only Full Support