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The newest release of ArkCase, version 2020.12, was released on August 8th, 2020.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
AFDP-9158 Portal support for ArkCase Privacy Fixed
AFDP-9159 Privacy – ArkCase Backend Fixed
AFDP-9160 Privacy – Portal Backend Fixed
AFDP-9154 Snowbound – Redact current match should open the Exemptions dialog Fixed
AFDP-9207 Web Portal – Request Status Page not Working Fixed
AFDP-9208 Web Portal – Request Type dropdown is empty after submission Fixed
AFDP-9153 Implement De-Duplication on Privacy extension Fixed
AFDP-9161 Privacy – Portal UI Fixed
AFDP-9197 Privacy – Web Portal – Label and Field Issues Fixed
AFDP-9105 ArkCase Privacy Solution – Create New Solution Extension Fixed
AFDP-9200 Privacy – Issue with Mandatory fields on Request Form Fixed
AFDP-9183 Wrong Email for Request status change Fixed
AFDP-9091 All date/time fields in the Application should show in 12-hour format and not 24-hour format Fixed
AFDP-5096 Change Arrest Warrant Workflow Name to ACM Document Workflow – Single Task Fixed
AFDP-9217 Receive email configuration refresh Fixed
AFDP-9189 Document Management – Table Columns Out of Order Fixed
AFDP-9203 Missing labels on De-Duplication view Fixed
AFDP-9195 Bulk Redaction shouldn’t be available when document is in Read only Fixed
AFDP-9204 New location for an ‘Organization’ can be saved with empty mandatory fields Fixed
AFDP-9206 Validation message for phone number format is NOT showing Fixed
AFDP-9193 Confirm email’ is misspelled in New Consultation – Contact information Fixed
AFDP-9223 LDAP sync fails to complete when user is deleted on LDAP Fixed
AFDP-8952 Queues – Lock is added and never removed Fixed
AFDP-9040 Case Navigation Tree handling on special characters Issue Fixed
AFDP-9201 Privacy – Request Complete Email – Link Wrong Fixed
AFDP-9176 Reset Password Email “Below” is misspelled. Fixed
AFDP-9104 Automated Correspondences Should be Converted and Set as PDFs if Configuration is set accordingly in Admin Fixed
AFDP-9129 Update left menu and top menu bar according the requirements Fixed
AFDP-9122 Update details view for Subject Access Request Fixed
AFDP-9130 Create Activiti diagrams Fixed
AFDP-9115 Build Plan and target ArkCase Privacy Dev VM Fixed
AFDP-9061 Privacy – Create Official Logo and Banner Fixed
AFDP-9099 Create tests for Consultation Plugin Fixed
AFDP-9131 Create drools files Fixed
AFDP-9145 Add Correspondence Template Fixed
AFDP-9119 Create new Privacy configuration base on ‘FOIA’ configuration Fixed
AFDP-9121 Update the form for ‘New Subject Access Request” Fixed
AFDP-9199 Privacy – Web Portal – Request created on the Web Portal don’t show in the Application Fixed
AFDP-9123 Extend new SAR form to support creating two persons Fixed
AFDP-9118 Create new Privacy module in acm-standard-application Fixed
AFDP-9120 Create Alfresco folder ‘SAR’ Fixed
AFDP-9132 Issue on AMI with Casefile forms creating new versus updating the version Fixed
AFDP-9141 Admin – Privacy configuration Fixed
AFDP-9047 Install Change – Separate OU for FOIA portal users Fixed
AFDP-9144 Update case-info view to support dueDate modification Fixed