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The newest release of ArkCase, version 2020.13, was released on September 3rd, 2020.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
AFDP-9384 Word Document Header Text Box Removed in Email Attachment Fixed
AFDP-9381 Copying a file from any folder to another folder, reverts the version back to v1.0, when the file being copied is v3.0. The copied files shows the 3rd version, list it as v1.0 on the table. Fixed
AFDP-9380 Redacting the document adds pages on sample doc that was 188 pages Fixed
AFDP-9379 Redacted Files Exemption codes do not appear on all redactions after redactions are burned Fixed
AFDP-9371 Security: Users should not be able to open a URL to view details of a case file they cannot see in search results Fixed
AFDP-9337 Cache lookups in the UI, do not download it 17 times Fixed
AFDP-9335 Exemption Code – Not in the redaction area – docx Fixed
AFDP-9324 Cannot create Ex3 annotation Fixed
AFDP-9312 UX Issue Fixed
AFDP-9311 Not translated Lookup in ‘Disposition Category’ drop down menu when denying a Request Fixed
AFDP-9306 Losing redaction area in EEOC Dev Fixed
AFDP-9304  Add New Values to the Exemptions Code (annotation Tags) Lookup Table Fixed
AFDP-9303 Snowbound – Exemption Code size should fit in the redaction area Fixed
AFDP-9300 Document Participant cannot be added when the document repository has a reference to another object Fixed
AFDP-9298 New Request form – Prefix for the existing person is never populated Fixed
AFDP-9297 Issues with delete, and change primary in Lookups Fixed
AFDP-9295 Country, Address Type drop down menus are empty in New Person while creating New Request/Consultation Fixed
AFDP-9293 Web Portal – Session expires instantly Fixed
AFDP-9292 Only on Test – FOIA: Drop down menu for ‘Phone type’, ‘Email Type’, ‘URL Type’ are empty when creating New Organization/Person Fixed
AFDP-9289 Snowbound View does not display document correctly Fixed
AFDP-9288 New Person Phone Type dropdown menu is not populating Fixed
AFDP-9286 Ability to select Fiscal Year when running yearly PDF or NIEM XML Fixed
AFDP-9285 Update Camel CMIS copy Document function to support renaming new copies Fixed
AFDP-9284 Remove organizationPersonRelationTypes lookup, use personOrganizationRelationTypes lookup only Fixed
AFDP-9283 Approve documents on Costsheet approval task throws error Fixed
AFDP-9282 New Task – When creating task with approval workflow and no Parent object Fixed
AFDP-9281 Admin – Document Management – De-Duplication Settings (Spelled wrong) Fixed
AFDP-9279 Avoid Solr out-of-memory issues by reducing ‘rows’ parameter from 99,999 to 100 Fixed
AFDP-9278 Create data update script to update keys in database with a dot (.) Fixed
AFDP-9277 Add Select from lookup entry with null key where needed Fixed
AFDP-9272 Consultation Closed Date Should be populated for Closed status Fixed
AFDP-9266 Admin – Document Management does not contain De-duplication as a selection Fixed
AFDP-9259 Remove Consultation Resolution form Consultation Fixed
AFDP-9258 Privacy – Emailing from the system manually – Issue with Email Body Fixed
AFDP-9256 Lookup Dropdowns are now out of order Fixed
AFDP-9250 Privacy: All drop down menus are not working (lookup) Fixed
AFDP-9249 Change Case status issue Fixed
AFDP-9248 We need a script to Remove duplicate users (with same email addresses) Fixed
AFDP-9241 Cannot add new person when creating new Organization/Case/Complaint Fixed
AFDP-9240 Error message for FAILED Transcription status is not translated Fixed
AFDP-9238 Linked documents can be edited through Snowbound view Fixed
AFDP-9234 New task option is not present on a document that is declared as record Fixed
AFDP-9230 Assignee on task is changed after task is saved Fixed
AFDP-9218 Calendar configuration refresh Fixed
AFDP-9214 Cannot create Case object (Case file) Fixed
AFDP-9213 Person Matching functionality for unauthenticated portal Fixed
AFDP-9211 Move ‘Adhoc Reports’ Module Code from PAHO to ArkCase CORE Branch Fixed
AFDP-9205 Write 1-2 page white paper about the portal and its security implementation Fixed
AFDP-9196 Snowbound – Can’t open multiple documents as separate tabs when I should be able to do so Fixed
AFDP-9194 Bulk Redaction Isn’t Working in new Snowbound version Fixed
AFDP-9192 Update CSS/Look and Feel of New Snowbound Viewer Fixed
AFDP-9191 Update exemptions before burning does not keep the current selected items Fixed
AFDP-9190 Handle Duplicate Files Sent in Emails Fixed
AFDP-9187 Workflow Configuration Activated/Deactivated Fixed
AFDP-9186 Tasks is pre-populated in New Document Repository Fixed
AFDP-9185 Making active / inactive business process Fixed
AFDP-9177 Admin – Reset Configuration not working Fixed
AFDP-9168 Edit Admin Select Privileges Changes Fixed
AFDP-9151 Person Association Type dropdown menu value is incorrect Fixed
AFDP-9150 Document Email body does not dynamically reflect correct wording when option of “Send As Attachment and Hyperlink” is selected Fixed
AFDP-9149 Document Email body updates are not being sent correctly Fixed
AFDP-9140 Export All Reports in one NIEM XML document Fixed
AFDP-9139 Export all Reports in one PDF document Fixed
AFDP-9138 Export Individual Reports in NIEM XML format Fixed
AFDP-9133 Add Exemption(s) to Translucent Redaction Area Fixed
AFDP-9128 Only 1 Exemption Code is showing on a Redaction Area when Burned Fixed
AFDP-9113 Implement Multiple Exemption Codes on a Single Redaction Area Fixed
AFDP-9107 Changes to Lookup Configuration is not reset with Reset Configuration Fixed
AFDP-9102 Phone number is not stored for new portal users Fixed
AFDP-9097 Automate migration of portal users and group to new OU Fixed
AFDP-9094 Update web portal LDAP configuration with new OU Fixed
AFDP-9077 Strange Report configuration character Fixed
AFDP-9073 Admin – Set System Email and Password Needs to work in Admin Fixed
AFDP-9046 Remove user list from the portal configuration page Fixed
AFDP-9045 Admin Org Hierarchy and User Management: Choose directory first Fixed
AFDP-9035 When creating a Person object resident to an Organization, the location should be copied over Fixed
AFDP-9020 UI goodbye controller should lookup the logout URL from the config server Fixed
AFDP-9002 Document Management – Search Document Issue Fixed
AFDP-8921 Fix LDAP configuration for portal users Fixed
AFDP-8901 Merge EEOC Complex/Extension Logic Code into FOIA CORE Fixed
AFDP-8811 Move rules xslx files to config server Fixed
AFDP-8575 Move lookups to config server Fixed
AFDP-6319 Update Report 4: Need the “Other” Reason dropdown to be a Lookup Table Fixed
AFDP-6225 Update Report 5: Dispositions of FOIA Requests Number of Times Exemptions Applied Fixed
AFDP-6224 Update Report 3: Dispositions of FOIA Requests — All Processed Requests Fixed
AFDP-6223 Update Report 2: FOIA Requests — Received, Processed, and Pending FOIA Requests Fixed
AFDP-5704 Update Report 32: Comparison of Numbers of Administrative Appeals From Previous and Current Annual Report — Backlogged Appeals Fixed
AFDP-5703 Update Report 31: Comparison of Numbers of Administrative Appeals From Previous and Current Annual Report — Appeals Received and Processed Fixed
AFDP-5702 Update Report 30: Comparison of Number of Requests From Previous and Current Annual Report –Backlogged Requests Fixed
AFDP-5701 Update Report 29: Comparison of Numbers of Requests From Previous and Current Annual Report — Request Received and Processed Fixed
AFDP-5700 Update Report 28: Consultations on FOIA Requests — Ten Oldest Consultations Received From Other Agencies and Pending at the Agency Fixed
AFDP-5699 Update Report 27: Consultations on FOIA Requests — Received, Processed, and Pending Consultations Fixed
AFDP-5698 Update Report 26: Backlogs of FOIA Requests and Administrative Appeals Fixed
AFDP-5697 Update Reports 25: Number of Subsection (A)(2) Postings Fixed
AFDP-5696 Update Report 24: Number of Time Subsection (C) Used Fixed
AFDP-5695 Update Report 23: Fees Collected for Processing Requests Fixed
AFDP-5694 Update Report 22: FOIA Personnel and Costs Fixed
AFDP-5693 Update Report 21: Request For Fee Waiver Fixed
AFDP-5692 Update Report 20: Requests For Expedited Processing Fixed
AFDP-5691 Update Report 19: Pending Requests — Ten Oldest Pending Perfected Requests Fixed
AFDP-5690 Update Report 18: Pending Requests — All Pending Perfected Requests Fixed
AFDP-5689 Update Report 17: Processed Requests Granted Expedited Processing — Response Time in Day Increments Fixed
AFDP-5688 Update Report 16: Processed Complex Requests — Response Time in Day Increments Fixed
AFDP-5687 Update Report 15: Processed Simple Requests — Response Time in Day Increments Fixed
AFDP-5686 Update Report 14: Processed Requests — Response Time For Perfected Requests in Which Information was Granted Fixed
AFDP-5685 Update Report 13: FOIA Request — Response Time For All Processed Perfected Requests Fixed
AFDP-5684 Update Report 12: Ten Oldest Pending Administrative Appeals Fixed
AFDP-5683 Update Report 11: Response Time for Administrative Appeals Fixed
AFDP-5682 Update Report 10: Reasons for Denial on Appeal — Other Reasons Fixed
AFDP-5681 Update Report 9: Reasons for Denial on Appeal — Reasons Other Than Exemptions Fixed
AFDP-5680 Update Report 8: Reasons for Denial on Appeal — Number of Times Exemptions Applied Fixed
AFDP-5679 Update Report 7: Disposition of Administrative Appeals — All Processed Appeals Fixed
AFDP-5678 Update Report 6: Administrative Appeals of Initial Determinations of FOIA Requests — Received, Processed, and Pending Administrative Appeals Fixed
AFDP-5677 Update Report 4: Disposition of FOIA Requests — Other Reasons for Full Denials Based on Reasons Other Than Exemptions Fixed
AFDP-5676 Update Report 1: Exemption 3 Statutes Fixed
ACFP-81 Lookup issue when adding exemption code in document Fixed
ACFP-71 The username is not defined in the Snowbound viewer Fixed
ACFP-70 Redacting the document adds pages on PDF document Fixed
ACFP-68 Report Authorization Check Optimization Fixed
ACFP-65 Deleted copied files that are visible in Recycle bin as deleted, are still showing in ‘Documents’ sub-page Fixed
ACFP-54 Add Descriptions for (c)(1), (c)(2), and (c)(3) annotation tags Fixed
ACFP-37 Completed email notification doesn’t generate when releasing with compress Fixed
ACFP-35 Security: Users should not be able to open a URL to view details of a case file they cannot see in search results Fixed
ACFP-265 Update Apache Camel CMIS to accept Versioning State parameter. Fixed
ACFP-247 Burn issue on Copied documents Fixed
ACFP-245 Documents that are Records shouldn’t allow editing Fixed
ACFP-241 Document Management – Shouldn’t be able to move (i.e. cut and paste) a record from one folder to another Fixed
ACFP-240 Burning a document Issue with Refresh to New Version of the document Fixed
ACFP-24 Description is NOT shown when hover over icons in LDAP Configuration Fixed
ACFP-230 Document Management – After Request is Release I can’t upload new files, copy files from one folder to the other, or perform any other document actions Fixed
ACFP-229 Document Management Table Changes Fixed
ACFP-205 “Reason” text for HOLD on the request does not display in the email notification Fixed
ACFP-202 Document Management – Can’t select multiple documents and perform actions on all the document, like cut and paste all document in a different folder or delete all documents Fixed
ACFP-201 Document Management – Need to be able to Copy or Copy as Link the ‘RECORD’ into another folder Fixed
ACFP-188 Appeal Disposition Category Logic Fixed
ACFP-185 ArkCase Application Stops Responding when adding all exemption codes Fixed
ACFP-184 Admin – LDAP Management Issue Fixed
ACFP-156 Appeal – Disposition Category Issues Fixed
ACFP-146 Expedited Request Track Updated Due Date Fix Fixed
ACFP-108 Snowbound – File name hover text issue Fixed
ACFP-107 Request Participant Deleted Audit History Username Wrong Fixed
ACFP-104 Requests – Filter for “All I’ve created” is not showing all requests Fixed