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The newest release of ArkCase, version 2020.14, was released on September 28th, 2020.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
AFDP-9255 Privacy – Appeal Object Type needs to be removed Fixed
AFDP-8926 Convert External Portal Backend and UI to read configuration from Spring Cloud Config Server Fixed
AFDP-9219 Admin / LDAP Configuration Save Fixed
AFDP-9111 Implement Document Level De-Duplication Fixed
AFDP-9213 Person Matching functionality for unauthenticated portal Fixed
AFDP-8901 Complex/Extension Logic Functionality Fixed
AFDP-8942 Add Arabic Language Support to Snowbound Fixed
AFDP-9076 Add support for translating object type labels in Notifications Fixed
AFDP-9305 Use Camel 3.5.0 official release version Fixed
AFDP-9325 Admin – Report Configuration – Report Designer Link change Fixed
AFDP-9336 Admin – Report Configuration – Show long items in 3-panel view component Fixed
AFDP-9342 Person type is all in small letters when creating New Organization and add person Fixed
AFDP-9354 Description of Other reason is displaying ‘key’ rather than ‘value’ in Report: Disposition of FOIA Requests — Other Reasons for Full Denials Based on Reasons Other Than Exemptions Fixed
AFDP-9345 DOJ Reports – Pull Agency/Component List from Admin Lookup to populate DOJ Agency/Component Filter in all reports Fixed
AFDP-9146 Improved De-duplication Functionality for Deleting Duplicates Fixed
AFDP-9291 Reset configuration should reset the workflows to the latest uploaded version by system user Fixed
AFDP-9172 Sequence Error Fixed
AFDP-9337 Cache lookups in the UI, do not download it 17 times Fixed
AFDP-9377 Add Descriptions for (c)(1), (c)(2), and (c)(3) annotation tags Fixed
AFDP-8703 Drop not null constraint for cm_authentication_token_email Fixed
AFDP-8913 Internationalization – Translate ArkCase to Arabic Language Fixed
AFDP-9246 Copied file with duplicate flag cannot be deleted Fixed
AFDP-9263 Duplicates pop-up Document Name hyperlink is not working Fixed
AFDP-9333 Admin – Lookups -reorder with drag and drop Fixed
AFDP-9237 Web Portal – User profile picture can not be uploaded Fixed
AFDP-9212 Billing – Improve billing table in the billing node (for Case/Complaint/Request) Fixed
AFDP-9116 Consultation person picker is not working as Request person picker Fixed
AFDP-9275 New Consultation – choosing existing person does not populate both emails Fixed
AFDP-9276 Consultation – Requesting Agency should be saved in a DB with new field (not replacing Component/Agency field) Fixed
AFDP-9110 DOJ Report – Improvements Fixed
AFDP-9320 Make the NIEM XML and PDF download Asynchronously Fixed
AFDP-9179 Admin – Email Configuration – Add option for enabling Request creation from incoming email Fixed
AFDP-9334 Admin – Report Configuration – Fix a few issues Fixed
AFDP-9356 Person/Org Module – Add Consultations Table Fixed
AFDP-9287 Ad Hoc Group is deleted when a subgroup is deleted Fixed
AFDP-9101 Name is subtracting the characters after the “.” when you create new folder with “.” in the name Fixed
AFDP-9353 Organization Association Type’ drop-down has reverse values when adding ‘Organization’ in ‘New Person Fixed
AFDP-9178 Add request as reference to task Fixed
AFDP-9296 Update costsheetTitles values Fixed
AFDP-9308 Adhoc Groups are not visible in ‘Organizational Hierarchy’ Fixed
AFDP-9332 Admin-Organizational History – Add selection for showing Ad Hoc Groups Fixed
AFDP-9220 New Folder can NOT be created in ‘Attachments’ for approving Change Case Status Task Fixed
AFDP-9352 Location with more/less than 5 digit ZIP/Postal code can be created Fixed
AFDP-9309 Cannot Add the same LDAP Group as the one that was previously deleted Fixed
AFDP-9257 Privacy – New Installment Email is Using Old Template Fixed
AFDP-9251 Admin – Portal Configuration page – UI issue Fixed
AFDP-9338 Report Issue – Export in NIEM XML button is missing for certain Reports Fixed
AFDP-9358 Adhoc Reports Module – Fix Potential UX issue Fixed
ACFP-76 Request number not translated in email notification about added note in the Request Fixed
ACFP-71 The username is not defined in the Snowbound viewer. This is important when users add notes. Fixed
ACFP-68 Report Authorization Check Optimization Fixed
ACFP-58 Web Portal – User profile picture can not be uploaded Fixed
ACFP-54 Add Descriptions for (c)(1), (c)(2), and (c)(3) annotation tags Fixed
ACFP-50 Web Portal – Login to FOIA Portal is not working Fixed
ACFP-35 Users should not be able to open a URL to view details of a case file they cannot see in search results Fixed
ACFP-24 Description is NOT shown when hover over icons in LDAP Configuration Fixed