Release 2020.16

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The newest release of ArkCase, version 2020.16, was released on November 2nd, 2020.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
ACFP-207 Request name not translated in email notification about added note when request returned/added note in snowbound view Fixed
ACFP-205 “Reason” text for HOLD on the request does not display in the email notification Fixed
ACFP-188 Appeal Disposition Category Logic Fixed
ACFP-185 Application Stops Responding when adding all exemption codes Fixed
ACFP-184 Admin – LDAP Management Issue Fixed
ACFP-182 Fix UI Issue in the Adhoc Reports Module Fixed
ACFP-178 Order of the Disposition Category List when denying a Request should be changed Fixed
ACFP-176 Consultations – Change Consultation Status Task doesn’t have a link to the Parent Consultation Fixed
ACFP-164 Configuration setting for enabling option to create portal user for the Requester Fixed
ACFP-156 Appeal – Disposition Category Issues Fixed
ACFP-153 Deleting a document does not add an event in the History module Fixed
ACFP-146 Expedited Request Track Updated Due Date Fix Fixed
ACFP-135 Update ETL process based on the new Exemption Code changes Fixed
ACFP-120 Add Disposition Category pop-up pre-fills the “Other” Reason dropdown prematurely Fixed
ACFP-110 Move PDF stylesheets .xls files to config server Fixed
ACFP-108 Snowbound – File name hover text issue Fixed
ACFP-103 Update the ‘Dispositions of FOIA Requests — Number of Times Exemptions Applied’ Report for Ex3 Fixed
ACFP-101 Create Request – Email Ingestion Fixed
ACFP-99 Email notification is not sent to Officers Group when Request is submitted Fixed
ACFP-98 Option for Rename folder is not disabled on Linked Folder Fixed
ACFP-94 Change Exemption Codes to New Values Fixed
ACFP-78 Email for New Portal Request is not sent to Officers Group Fixed
ACFP-77 LDAP user management FOIA portal groups Fixed
ACFP-74 New organization is not set as Primary with matching person functionality for unauthenticated FOIA Portal Fixed
ACFP-73 Matching person functionality for unauthenticated FOIA Portal, sets old and new location as Primary Fixed
ACFP-65 Deleted copied files that are visible in Recycle bin as deleted, are still showing in ‘Documents’ sub-page Fixed
ACFP-59 Admin Module – Configuration Changes Fixed
ACFP-56 Two modal boxes for person picker are opened when creating New Consultation/New Request Fixed
ACFP-32 Email for cost-sheet Invoice is NOT sent to participants Fixed
ACFP-29 Parent Document is not populated in ‘Review Request to Change Consultation Status’ task Fixed
ACFP-6 Admin Configuration for setting Authenticated or Un-Authenticated mode Fixed