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The newest release of ArkCase, version 2020.17, was released on November 27th, 2020.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
ACFP-368 Remove zip code validation from everywhere Fixed
ACFP-358 Uploaded documents are not visible Under the Document Under Review in ACM Workflow-Single Task Fixed
ACFP-357 Primary Location of a Person is not shown when the person is used as requester Fixed
ACFP-355 Pentaho – Create ArkCase as a default data source and add the these default queries Fixed
ACFP-354 New organization is not marked as Unknown in Organization Type and Organization Association Type Fixed
ACFP-352  Request folders are not refreshing after failed Determination Letter upload Fixed
ACFP-351 Prefixes do not match actual data Fixed
ACFP-350 Multiple Requests are created when clicked multiple times on ‘Create Request’ button Fixed
ACFP-348 Error message is shown when uploading Determination Letter on unassigned request Fixed
ACFP-347 Consultation module missing translations Fixed
ACFP-344 Web Portal – ‘Amount Willing to Pay’ is preselected as “Provide me and estimate before processing”, order is rearranged Fixed
ACFP-343 Web Portal – Request Status empty response Fixed
ACFP-323 Label for ‘Enable editing’ button and ‘Please wait message’  are not translated in Consultation module Fixed
ACFP-319 New person is created when existing FOIA user is registered on Portal and submits request Fixed
ACFP-314 Multiple correspondence document can not be uploaded in ‘Documents’ Fixed
ACFP-310 Add a Request to a Person doesn’t add the person to the Request People Table Fixed
ACFP-307 Web Portal – Cannot log in to FOIA Portal Fixed
ACFP-294 Use variables from arkcase-portal.yaml only Fixed
ACFP-289 Audit Pattern URL  property not resolved Fixed
ACFP-288 Make sure Arkcase doesn’t need internet connection to startup after the first start Fixed
ACFP-287 Cannot move Request from Billing to Release Queue Fixed
ACFP-286 Request Document Sub-Folders are missing and new folder cannot be created Fixed
ACFP-284 Accept dots (.) in the lookup’s entry keys Fixed
ACFP-281 Date control issue on calendar Fixed
ACFP-274 Support Page Count number for Excel Files Fixed
ACFP-273 Support Page count number for doc and docx file formats Fixed
ACFP-268 Fix activeCaseFiles widget error on startup Fixed
ACFP-266 User cannot upload two files with same name but different format while creating new task Fixed
ACFP-265 Update Apache Camel CMIS to accept VersioningState parameter Fixed
ACFP-262 History Events need to be spell checked Fixed
ACFP-259 Reference table is blank after added new Request as reference in Consultations Fixed
ACFP-247 Burn issue on Copied documents Fixed
ACFP-245 Documents that are Records shouldn’t allow editing Fixed
ACFP-242 Web Portal – Portal should automatically refresh after mode is changed from ‘Portal Configurations’ Fixed
ACFP-241 Document Management – Shouldn’t be able to move (i.e. cut and paste) a record from one folder to another Fixed
ACFP-240 Burning a document Issue with Refresh to New Version of the document Fixed
ACFP-238 FOIA – Help Link needs to be changed Fixed
ACFP-237 CORE – Help Link needs to be changed Fixed
ACFP-236 Email is not sent to Officers group when Response folder is downloaded on the Released Request Fixed
ACFP-233 Fix very high security flows in and Fixed
ACFP-230 Document Management – After Request is Release I can’t upload new files, copy files from one folder to the other, or perform any other document actions Fixed
ACFP-229 Document Management Table Change Fixed
ACFP-227 Request cannot be created with msg file attached Fixed
ACFP-220 Web Portal – Request cannot be created when portal is in unauthenticated mode Fixed
ACFP-213 Request Number doesn’t match Alfresco Folder Request Number Fixed
ACFP-211 Organization is not set as primary when added in Person Fixed
ACFP-209 FOIA: Reports are not generated, ”This report has no data” message appears Fixed
ACFP-202 FOIA – Document Management – Can’t select multiple documents and perform actions on all the document, like cut and paste all document in a different folder or delete all documents Fixed
ACFP-201 FOIA – Document Management – Need to be able to Copy or Copy as Link the ‘RECORD’ into another folder Fixed
ACFP-200 ATIP Demo: Move Complaints into FOIA Application Fixed
ACFP-197 Check Arkcase code for secrets in sample properties files Fixed
ACFP-196 Implement Snowbound for CE version Fixed
ACFP-193 Remove email sender address from configuration Fixed
ACFP-192 Sanitize core branch of Arkcase configuration Fixed
ACFP-183 FOIA Reports Issues with Fiscal Year (FY) Fixed
ACFP-181 Move Portal configuration to Config Server instead of database Fixed
ACFP-180 Add New Template to GitLab Fixed
ACFP-175 Create Request Assignment Rules Change Fixed
ACFP-173 Add all config server paths to conf.yaml Fixed
ACFP-166 New Person Form Prefix is capitalized, but Prefix isn’t capitalized in People Module Fixed
ACFP-148 New Task Notification Is Not Displayed Fixed
ACFP-137 Add Statute Table for Ex3 Statutes in Document view under Exemption Codes table Fixed
ACFP-136 Add Statute Table for Ex3 Statutes in Application Request module – Exemption Codes node Fixed
ACFP-135 Update ETL process based on the new Exemption Code changes Fixed
ACFP-131 Exemption 3 Statutes – Change Requests Fixed
ACFP-104 Filter for “All I’ve created” is not showing all requests Fixed
ACFP-102 Create Request – Integration Fixed
ACFP-91 Web Portal – ‘State’ field is blank in ‘New FOIA Request’ in Authenticated FOIA Portal Fixed
ACFP-82 DOJ Reports – Pull Agency/Component List from Admin Lookup to populate DOJ Agency/Component Filter in all reports Fixed
ACFP-75 Personal info is not updated from FOIA Portal, for a person that is existing in FOIA, another person is created Fixed
ACFP-41 Cannot add files or create folder in attachment folder in all workflow Tasks Fixed
ACFP-40 Web Portal – CSS Configuration to be added to Application Admin CSS page Fixed
ACFP-39 Portal Logo and banner Configuration to be added on Admin Logo configuration page Fixed
ACFP-27 Type in Cost sheet document is “Case_file” instead of “Request” Fixed
ACFP-18 Web Portal – Should refresh labels and other properties without restart Fixed
ACFP-17 Manual Emails should be notifications Fixed
ACFP-5 Web Portal – Lookups configuration to be added in Admin Lookup page Fixed
ACFP-4 Web Portal – Label Configuration to be added to Application Admin Label page Fixed
ACFP-3 User should be able to choose Email Templates when sending email Fixed