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The newest release of ArkCase, version 2020.18, was released on January 15th, 2021.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
ACFP-403 FOIA: Requests are not shown in ArkCase when created from Portal Fixed
ACFP-398 FOIA: Automated emails are not sent Fixed
ACFP-381 Fix security issues: CWE-80: Improper Neutralization of Script-Related HTML Tags in a Web Page (Basic XSS) Fixed
ACFP-380 Admin – Sequencing Bug Fixed
ACFP-379 Update defaultTimezone from Add new Admin -> Application -> Application Configuration page Fixed
ACFP-378 Due date calculation should take into account working hours Fixed
ACFP-374 Admin – Document Delivery Policy – Update verbiage Fixed
ACFP-372 Set Fiscal Year as part of the Object Sequence Fixed
ACFP-370 Fix Viewer Requester Name Fixed
ACFP-365 FOIA: Person Prefix Issues Fixed
ACFP-364 Viewer setting for indicating annotations on the page Fixed
ACFP-362 Viewer Page Break is Missing Fixed
ACFP-360 Correspondence Templates and Merge Terms – Merge Terms that aren’t populated Fixed
ACFP-340 FOIA: Multi Correspondence is not uploading all selected templates Fixed
ACFP-324 New Portal Account email address should be matched with existing persons Fixed
ACFP-322 People Module – Requests Table – Change ID column to Request Number column Fixed
ACFP-317 FOIA: Contact Profile Information mandatory fields change Fixed
ACFP-316 FOIA: Add Difficulty Rating on Request Global Header Fixed
ACFP-313 FOIA: ‘Other number’ is not in line with other info on the global header of the request Fixed
ACFP-312 Changing Start Date before Changing End Date Issue Fixed
ACFP-309 Response Records Expiry Implementation Fixed
ACFP-304 User is able to delete files and folder in parent object document tree under Parent Documents of a task without write access Fixed
ACFP-303 FOIA: Request Category and request types should utilize labels Fixed
ACFP-300 Extract all CMIS related constants in Arkcase cmis interface. Fixed
ACFP-285 FOIA: Request Level Exemption Codes Table should populate/be removed when document(s) are added/removed from the ’03 Response’ folder Fixed
ACFP-269 FOIA: Appeal Disposition Category Logic Issues [Affirmed or Partially Affirmed/Partially Remanded] Fixed
ACFP-249 Fix security issues: CWE-73: External Control of File Name or Path Fixed
ACFP-216 Add template preview in send email modal and admin page Fixed
ACFP-206 Admin – Application – FOIA Configuration – Changes to Configuration Options Fixed
ACFP-170 Enable/Disable automated emails to be implemented for Correspondence Templates Fixed
ACFP-57 FOIA: Can’t register User on FOIA Portal if the User was previously deleted from LDAP User Management Fixed