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The newest release of ArkCase, version 2021.01, was released on March 26th, 2021.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
ACFP-690 FOIA: Determination Letter – Add New Correspondence Letter Fixed
ACFP-689 Viewer: Burning Reduction with annotation on blank page Fixed
ACFP-660 Admin: Timesheet Configuration – Rate doesn’t accept cents ($0.90) Fixed
ACFP-650 FOIA: Cannot create Request Fixed
ACFP-636 Error opening files in viewer, when filename contains special characters Fixed
ACFP-629 Duplicate sequence numbers observed, but duplicates should not be possible Fixed
ACFP-628 File leaks in upload-file and version-file implementations Fixed
ACFP-613 Request module: Send Email Issues Fixed
ACFP-612 Admin Module: Correspondence Management – Email Templates – Download template is not working Fixed
ACFP-591 Rollback in Case file pipeline doesn’t work Fixed
ACFP-582 File leak in EcmFileTransactionImpl Fixed
ACFP-568 FOIA: Cancelling out of the Forget Password Modal give 500 error on Portal Fixed
ACFP-534 Issue creating requests with long text in Description field Fixed
ACFP-524 FOIA: Request Status type ahead is showing only request submitted from portal for the logged in user Fixed
ACFP-514 CORE: Case file Tasks complete/delete issues Fixed
ACFP-508 CORE: Cannot approve task for changing case file status Fixed
ACFP-505 FOIA: Issues with populating merge terms in Correspondence templates Fixed
ACFP-503 CORE/FOIA: Document Exemptions Don’t Show correctly Fixed
ACFP-501 CORE/FOIA: Cannot add new person as ‘Contact person’ on Task Fixed
ACFP-500 CORE/FOIA: Refresh is needed after Uploading Correspondence template on Task Fixed
ACFP-497 CORE/FOIA: Change Password Issue Fixed
ACFP-496 CORE: Logout Issue Fixed
ACFP-493 New Appeal Creation marks documents in original Request as Status = ‘RECORD’ which shouldn’t happen Fixed
ACFP-488 CORE: Unable to copy/paste records to different folder Fixed
ACFP-486 FOIA: Download time for released documents should be unlimited Fixed
ACFP-483 CORE: Closing Task from Complaint Issue Fixed
ACFP-479 CORE/FOIA: Cannot create ACM Workflow Task without parent object Fixed
ACFP-478 CORE/FOIA: New Task issues due to new requirements Fixed
ACFP-474 FOIA: Remove portal participants from notifications Fixed
ACFP-470 FOIA: Cannot create new or edit role in ‘Select Privileges’ in Admin module Fixed
ACFP-469 FOIA: Cannot authorize privileges to some role in Admin module Fixed
ACFP-467 CORE/FOIA: ‘Send Email’ button is not an object action button in Document Repository Fixed
ACFP-466 CORE/FOIA: Cannot upload correspondence template if the ‘Sending Status’ is disabled, and ‘Status’ is activated Fixed
ACFP-465 Time Zone field should be drop-down list Fixed
ACFP-460 FOIA: Cannot update labels through Label Configuration Fixed
ACFP-457 CORE/FOIA: Mozilla UX Issue with Module Navigation on Small Monitors Fixed
ACFP-452 CORE/FOIA: New Email Notification – ‘Your user was added as a participant on <RequestID>’ Fixed
ACFP-445 CORE: ‘New Organization’ Button is missing when trying to add organization in ‘New Person’ Form Fixed
ACFP-444 CORE/FOIA: Error showing when trying to open Case File from People module Fixed
ACFP-443 CORE: Correspondence templates cannot be uploaded Fixed
ACFP-440 Email Correspondences – Sending a document with a Plain Email Template Issue Fixed
ACFP-438 Admin Module: Can’t Delete from the Recyling Bin Fixed
ACFP-432 FOIA: Cannot complete/close Appeal when ‘Closed for Other reasons’ is selected as Disposition Category Fixed
ACFP-430 FOIA: Request documents not downloading on portal Fixed
ACFP-429 CORE/FOIA: Fix the panel overlap for indicating annotations/redactions in viewer Fixed
ACFP-423 FOIA: Request Received Acknowledgement Letter is misspelled in Correspondence Templates table in Admin Part Fixed
ACFP-421 FOIA: Object in Email Templates table is Case File rather that Request Fixed
ACFP-420 Create Task – Add task type and contact person Fixed
ACFP-418 Allow email and correspondence templates to be added to Tasks Fixed
ACFP-417 FOIA: Reading Room download public documents issue Fixed
ACFP-415 Search Existing Statuses type ahead for requests not in my list of requests Fixed
ACFP-411 CORE/FOIA: Validation message for mandatory fields are shown even when the fields are NOT mandatory or are populated already in New Consultation Form Fixed
ACFP-410 FOIA: Prefix should be capitalized in FOIA Log Report Fixed
ACFP-406 CORE/FOIA: Email Subject Issues Fixed
ACFP-401 FOIA: ‘Request Category’ and ‘Delivery Method of Response’ are preselected on New FOIA Request Form Fixed
ACFP-393 FOIA: “Select country” in Country drop-down and “Select Address Type” in Address drop-down are NOT default values Fixed
ACFP-391 Exemption Codes – Should be in the Order of the annotationTags table When added to a Redaction Area Fixed
ACFP-388 Implement FOIA Request Received Date Logic Fixed
ACFP-377 FOIA: Cannot log in to FOIA Portal Fixed
ACFP-356 CORE/FOIA: Consultation Status (Workflow) Change Fixed
ACFP-342 FOIA: Create new portal user issue Fixed
ACFP-321 FOIA: When Submit request with more than one uploaded document in each section, FOIA Request Form is not closing, console error is showing Fixed
ACFP-320 Add Header on the top of Multi-Correspondence document Fixed
ACFP-311 Admin Module: Update Portals Configuration Fixed
ACFP-280 FOIA: Base context needs to be configurable Fixed
ACFP-267 Upgrade to latest Camel release (3.7.0) and remove our version in arkcase-lib Fixed
ACFP-256 Move formsType.json to Config Server Fixed
ACFP-234 FOIA: Original Request Should Reference the Appeal Fixed
ACFP-215 FOIA: User Password cannot be changed on portal Fixed
ACFP-117 FOIA: Create Appeal is not working on unauthenticated portal Fixed
ACFP-116 CORE/FOIA: Consultation cannot be created with Existing Person Fixed
ACFP-105 CORE/FOIA: Time Tracking Type Default is not registered until the user changes it Fixed