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The newest release of ArkCase, version 2021.02, was released on June 22nd, 2021. For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
ACFP-72 Redacted Files Exemption codes do not appear on all redactions after redactions are burned Fixed
ACFP-134 Viewer Watermark [Request ID] is not showing the request ID number when applied Fixed
ACFP-142 Font/size of burned pdf is different on different pages and also different than the original file Fixed
ACFP-149 Sort By Case Name Asc is not working Fixed
ACFP-159 Restricted Case can be found by users that do not have access Fixed
ACFP-162 Consultation should be offered as option in a drop-down list for ‘Parent Type’ on the New Task Form Fixed
ACFP-189 Firefox Issue with Navigation Scroll bar at 120% Fixed
ACFP-204 Dashboard – Updates to Widget Columns Fixed
ACFP-212 New Capability for SSO – OpenID Connect Configuration Option Fixed
ACFP-239 Consultation’ and ‘Task’ options are missing on the ‘Type’ drop-down menu in new Timesheet/Costsheet Fixed
ACFP-250 Error shown when deleting linked document in the Case/Request Module Fixed
ACFP-263 Sending and Receiving Emails from Task Attachment Table Issues Fixed
ACFP-264 Label in Search box when adding reference is different in every object Fixed
ACFP-271 Admin Page – Logo – upload logos and Banners for the Portal Improvement Fixed
ACFP-272 Docx files show different page count number on Viewer versus DB value Fixed
ACFP-278 Consultations folder is missing on the content management backend Fixed
ACFP-290 Request is NOT assigned to the logged in user, by clicking on the ‘Start Working’ button in the ‘Intake’ Queue Fixed
ACFP-291 Add New People on a Task – ‘+’ button not working Fixed
ACFP-296 Filter “All I’ve created” is showing other users created requests Fixed
ACFP-298 Cannot open document in Viewer from Attachments Table on a Task Fixed
ACFP-302 Refresh is needed in order to see the icon for a linked document on the Document Table Fixed
ACFP-306 Viewer Missing Specific Font Options Fixed
ACFP-308 Event Name’ is blank in ‘History’ table in the ‘My documents’ Module and some labels are not translated Fixed
ACFP-341 New User Profile – Authorization issue Fixed
ACFP-366 Changing Person Prefix should be drop-down field and not Freeform Text Fixed
ACFP-367 When portal is restarted and the session is expired, the user should be logged out and forced to log-in again Fixed
ACFP-402 Portal User is not updated in ArkCase (Admin module) when contact information is changed on the Web Portal Fixed
ACFP-433 Change Request/Consultation ID to Request/Consultation Number across the application Fixed
ACFP-434 Person Prefix is not translated for some particular users when submitting a request from the Web Portal Fixed
ACFP-436 Creating a Task with Business Process Type – ACM Document Workflow with – Single Task – Issues Fixed
ACFP-442 Person Title Can’t be enter on a the Person Form or in the People Module Fixed
ACFP-448 Error message is shown when trying to open ‘Tasks’ subpage for certain person objects Fixed
ACFP-450 Upgraded Spring and Spring Security in ArkCase Fixed
ACFP-468 User cannot disable Sending Status on emails from Email Template Admin Configuration Page Fixed
ACFP-475 Guideline – How to Write Correspondence Templates Fixed
ACFP-485 Request assignment email is not sent when request is assigned to user Fixed
ACFP-498 Request automated emails inconsistency Fixed
ACFP-502 Contact person is not showing anywhere on the task Fixed
ACFP-504 Viewer Annotations are upside down on the 1st page of one specific document Fixed
ACFP-506 Remove All Multi-correspondence functionaliy Fixed
ACFP-507 CORE: Correspondence templates files cannot be downloaded in the Correspondence Templates Table in Admin Configuration Fixed
ACFP-515 Renaming file, during OCR process throws an error Fixed
ACFP-516 Cannot download as zip files with same name but different format Fixed
ACFP-518 Session expires on Web Portal causes issues Fixed
ACFP-519 Location info is prepopulated for related person when it should be empty Fixed
ACFP-520 Error message for session expiration is showing on every action on Web Portal Fixed
ACFP-522 Emailing into a Request Fails when the email has a .doc attachment Fixed
ACFP-539 Email Bursting is not working, attachment files are not shown under the 06 Incoming Folder Fixed
ACFP-541 Upload the same file in the Description Document, Consent and Proof of Identity field on the Web Portal causes an issue Fixed
ACFP-565 Upgrade Document Viewer Fixed
ACFP-567 Updates to URLs and Privileges from Arkcase.yaml and Arkcase-foia.yaml Fixed
ACFP-590 Email will be sent even when the user clicks on cancel in the Forgot Password modal box Fixed
ACFP-592 Implement OAuth2 ROPC grant flow for system user Fixed
ACFP-593 Tika metadata detection chooses bad “media created” date e.g. 2102-11-17 Fixed
ACFP-605 Reports Module – When Navigation is Collapsed – Report Actions Not Available Fixed
ACFP-606 Web Portal and Application notification messages for Internet Explorer non-support Fixed
ACFP-609 Object lock: exception when removing a DELETE lock when the same user already holds a WRITE lock Fixed
ACFP-610 Add functionality for editing Email Template text Fixed
ACFP-611 Admin – Preview Email Template should have option to chose an object e.g. request Fixed
ACFP-617 Linked document is not updated after editing the original document Fixed
ACFP-621 Export search result to PDF Issue Fixed
ACFP-622 Ingest Incoming Emails into a Task Funcationilty Fixed
ACFP-634 Edit the Initiator/Requester in Case/Request/Complaint/Consultations Fixed
ACFP-637 Copy file fails when the file to be copied has a name ending with a dot “.” Fixed
ACFP-638 Portal occasionally sends wrong principal to ArkCase Fixed
ACFP-639 Recursive folder copy issue – we should detect copying a folder into itself so as to avoid a folder copy eternal loop Fixed
ACFP-644 User should be able to upload a new email template and use it when sending manual emails Fixed
ACFP-651 Wrong user written to the acm_file_version.cm_modified_by column Fixed
ACFP-652 Convert all MariaDB TIMESTAMP columns to DATETIME columns Fixed
ACFP-653 Changes on Linked document are NOT shown on the original document Fixed
ACFP-654 Refresh is needed, so the user can see that the version is updated after document is edited Fixed
ACFP-655 Document editing capabilities should be disabled for editing until the “Enable Editing” button is clicked Fixed
ACFP-659 Document page is not refreshed after uploading or deleting duplicated documents Fixed
ACFP-662 Adding Billing information in the Document View is not saved Fixed
ACFP-664 Disposition Closed Date should not be able to be set to a data prior to Received Date Fixed
ACFP-665 Cannot generate Invoice from the Document Viewer page Fixed
ACFP-666 All places in Application where we use DATE component should be changed with DATETIME component Fixed
ACFP-667 Email Subject says Case when email is sent from documents page when it should be Request Fixed
ACFP-669 Left side navigation menu should not be refreshed on each user group change Fixed
ACFP-670 Web Portal Users data shouldn’t be changed from the application Fixed
ACFP-671 Changes in Business hours is not applied on Cases Fixed
ACFP-676 Web Portal user personal information is not saved when using an email from an already existing ArkCase person Fixed
ACFP-677 Email templates on object type FILE/TASK should have parent object type selection Fixed
ACFP-678 Remaining issues with populating Correspondence templates Fixed
ACFP-679 As an administrator I need to delete from QRTZ_FIRED_TRIGGERS so stuck jobs can restart Fixed
ACFP-680 Guideline for how to write Email Templates Fixed
ACFP-681 Automated email notifications are skipped sometimes and never get sent; but they should always be sent Fixed
ACFP-684 Viewer labels issue in history for Case/Complaint Fixed
ACFP-686 Error showing when the filters in Queues module are used Fixed
ACFP-691 Document Management – Uploading or Dragging and Dropping an Email into document folder should burst out attachments Fixed
ACFP-695 Do not index participants in Solr Fixed
ACFP-697 Tika metadata extraction – put a configurable limit on file size for metadata extraction Fixed
ACFP-700 Implement Email Subject template for Case File objects Fixed
ACFP-702 Web Portal – Request Status Page – Must capitalize Last Name Fixed
ACFP-703 Add Cc and Bcc fields to the Choose Recipients Page Fixed
ACFP-705 Add Online Payment to Request Fixed
ACFP-707 Delivery method of response label change Fixed
ACFP-708 ACM Document Workflow – Single task cannot be completed Fixed
ACFP-712 Cannot create new person, error message is shown Fixed
ACFP-713 Adding custom lookups issue Fixed
ACFP-714 Request – Document Table – Response Folder – Generate Zip File issue Fixed
ACFP-717 Fixing basic authentication on Web Portal Fixed
ACFP-720 When a Task is completed and close – deadline and overdue indicator shouldn’t show Fixed
ACFP-721 Viewer Uncaught ReferenceError in console Fixed
ACFP-722 Add Email Regex Configuration to Config repository Fixed
ACFP-723 Invoice Correspondence Template shows lower case Prefix Fixed
ACFP-724 Authenticated mode with external authentication Fixed
ACFP-725 All Emails uploaded, Emailed out or Emailed In that show on the Document Table should be handled in the same way in the application Fixed
ACFP-726 Add ‘Email’ as a fileType Fixed
ACFP-728 Implement Email Subject for templates related to all object types Fixed
ACFP-729 Email modal is not showing up and an error is thrown when is open from Consultation module Fixed
ACFP-730 Task ID in the Email Subject is not populating when email is sent from Task Attachment subpage Fixed
ACFP-731 Documents Under Review Page – Email link is not removed from the table header and email cannot be sent Fixed
ACFP-732 Case numbers generated with the default format, but should be generated with the format defined by the sequence Fixed
ACFP-733 Update the ETL process to parse properly latest config changes in lookups-foia.yaml Fixed
ACFP-734 Correspondence Templates with Exemption merge term – Fix Layout and information displayed Fixed
ACFP-735 Admin Module – Correspondence Management – Upload new version doesn’t respond Fixed
ACFP-737 User receives a ‘no granted permission error’, when opening Organization Hierarchy with authorized user (Admin user) Fixed
ACFP-739 Remove the <![endif]> tag from correspondence templates Fixed
ACFP-740 Web Portal person’s position should match Application implementation Fixed
ACFP-741 After burning redactions, user must reopen document so the redactions are shown as burned Fixed
ACFP-742 Redact current match functionality does not work Fixed
ACFP-744 Dashboard widget name translation issues for Active Case Files Fixed
ACFP-745 Merge term showing “null” in correspondences when person doesn’t have middle name Fixed
ACFP-746 Cannot open Request from Organization module, error shown Fixed
ACFP-747 Participants emails are not shown correct for .msg file in the document viewer Fixed
ACFP-749 Generating a Zip – Update Label and History Event Fixed
ACFP-750 Viewer throws error in console Fixed
ACFP-751 Fix security hole in email tokens Fixed
ACFP-753 Change label “Associated with FOIA Request” in New Task form Fixed
ACFP-754 Set due date to end of business hours Fixed
ACFP-757 Dashboard – My Task Widget – Issue with results in Widget Fixed
ACFP-759 Existing user can be added as new member in LDAP group as duplicate user Fixed
ACFP-760 Email is not sent to Officers group when request is created, released and downloaded from the portal Fixed
ACFP-761 Download folder as zip issue Fixed
ACFP-763 Request is not created when user uploads more than one document in each section Fixed
ACFP-764 People Module – Person – Email Address Table – Can’t Edit/Delete an Email Fixed
ACFP-765 Web Portal – Register New User – Set Password – Error message Fixed
ACFP-767 Automated emails are not being sent Fixed
ACFP-768 New Email Subject is not showing when sending emails, for some templates Fixed
ACFP-769 Email and Correspondence notifications need to take Timezone into account Fixed
ACFP-771 Release separate folders from ’03 Response’ folder Fixed
ACFP-774 Phone validation is missing on the Organization form Fixed
ACFP-782 Correspondence Templates – ‘currentDate’ merge term is using UTC and not translating to local time Fixed
ACFP-784 Application DATETIME values should be updated/fixed Fixed
ACFP-785 Attachments in Document Linked Email Template are not showing in the email body preview and email is not sent Fixed
ACFP-786 Make Public’/ ‘Make Non Public’ should be disabled depending if the document is public or not Fixed
ACFP-787 Disable sorting on ‘Queue Due Date’, ‘Days in Queue’ and ‘Time to Complete’ columns in Queues module Fixed
ACFP-788 Can’t update merge term value from Admin – Merge Field Configuration Fixed
ACFP-789 Adding multiple redaction annotations with exemptions on a single page Issue Fixed
ACFP-790 Invoicing Issues Fixed
ACFP-791 Automated emails are not using custom email subject in Admin configuration Fixed
ACFP-792 Web Portal – New Request Submission Preview Page – Cancel Button Not Working Fixed
ACFP-793 Link for Request Complete/New Installment of document available should open request page after login Fixed
ACFP-794 Web Portal – New Request – Section 2 (Greyed Out Section shouldn’t have (*) asterisk on the fields) Fixed
ACFP-795 Cannot complete request from General Counsel Queue Fixed
ACFP-796 GET request failing after completing task Fixed
ACFP-797 Some .MSG files can’t be uploaded due to ChunkNotFoundException Fixed
ACFP-801 Create and sync Users with Persons Fixed
ACFP-802 Cannot delete person from a Task Fixed
ACFP-804 Phone validation is missing in New Organization form for fax fields Fixed
ACFP-807 Label updates from the Admin panel are not updating within the Correspondence Templates Fixed
ACFP-808 Automated emails are not using new uploaded email template, old version is sent Fixed
ACFP-809 Preview Email Template not working Fixed
ACFP-810 Manual emails are not sending when a new version is uploaded or new email template is created in Admin Fixed
ACFP-811 Delete file in root folder issue Fixed
ACFP-812 Create new folder on a task causes an issue Fixed
ACFP-813 Some users are not able to change password Fixed
ACFP-815 Cannot change primary email to a different email address in the People Module Fixed
ACFP-816 Admin – Security – Document Upload Policy – Doesn’t work Fixed
ACFP-822 Adding Redactions with one exemption code Issue Fixed
ACFP-826 Implement New Request-Organization Role Fixed
ACFP-828 Received date/Delivered date are not populating in Appeal/Request Received Acknowledgement Letter Fixed
ACFP-832 When one location field is populated for Person, other location fields should be mandatory Fixed
ACFP-833 Add the Websites Widget as a default with Static URLs Fixed
ACFP-834 Merge term for ‘Date range for record search’ is not showing correct format in correspondences Fixed
ACFP-836 Location details/phone entered on portal registration page are not saved for a new Portal user Fixed
ACFP-837 Update Profile Info for portal user, should update but not replace location/phone information in ArkCase Fixed
ACFP-838 User cannot change person title on header, drop-down is empty Fixed
ACFP-839 Use username and password to access ActiveMQ in external portal and config server Fixed
ACFP-840 Issues with PDF Conversion on files in Response Folder Fixed
ACFP-841 Failed OCR tasks are retried infinitely, but the retries should stop after X attempts Fixed
ACFP-848 Redact all matches is showing exemption codes only on the first redaction area Fixed
ACFP-852 Cannot close complaint – approval task for closing is not created Fixed
ACFP-854 Authentication is lost when user reloads page after login Fixed
ACFP-856 Authenticated mode – Change Profile Information Issue Fixed
ACFP-857 Convert msg files to PDF Format in Incoming and Outgoing email folders Fixed
ACFP-862 Issue with denying Requests Fixed
ACFP-864 Cannot create new request when the requester is a new person Fixed
ACFP-869 Document Upload Policy – MSG, EML or HTML files are not converting on Upload Fixed
ACFP-876 Redaction area with no exemptions, followed by redaction area with exemptions, causes “unable to contact server” message Fixed
ACFP-877 Start of business day should be configurable in Admin and used for Request Received Date/Time Logic Fixed
ACFP-880 Registration page is lost, login page is opened when user opens another tab in browser or after a certain amount of time Fixed
ACFP-884 HTML files not converting when uploaded Fixed
ACFP-890 Date is not translated in in the Document Viewer History tab Fixed
ACFP-895 Appeal due date is not calculated based on Time to complete configuration Fixed