Release 2021.03

The newest release of ArkCase, version 2021.03, was released on December 31st, 2021.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
ACFP-79 CORE/FOIA: Relation Type is all in lower letters when creating New Person and add organization Fixed
ACFP-155 FOIA: Time to complete fields are accepting negative numbers on the Admin FOIA Configuration page Fixed
ACFP-160 CORE/FOIA: Task overdue notification was not sent to email Fixed
ACFP-203 FOIA: Untranslated labels in Subscriptions table Fixed
ACFP-222 CORE/FOIA: Transcription process won’t start – Status is stuck in “QUEUED” Fixed
ACFP-235 FOIA: [Deny/Complete Request] Disposition Category dropdown menu Issue Fixed
ACFP-243 CORE/FOIA: Billing tab should not be visible when task/consultation/documents repository document is opened in viewer Fixed
ACFP-246 CORE/FOIA: ‘Send to rework’ tasks is showing error message “Cannot complete task because of missing required value: rework Instructions” Fixed
ACFP-261 CORE: New Case File/New Calendar event cannot be created when Autodiscovery is enabled Fixed
ACFP-276 CORE/FOIA: Missing file extension on files uploaded on Alfresco Fixed
ACFP-292 FOIA: ‘Modified By’ column is showing Email rather that Username in the ‘Correspondence Templates Table’ Fixed
ACFP-293 CORE/FOIA: Rows in ‘People Table’ under ‘Organizations’ Module are NOT left/middle aligned Fixed
ACFP-315 CORE/FOIA: Two notification messages for creating new task are shown Fixed
ACFP-373 FOIA: History Events for Downloaded Response through Portal need to be captured Fixed
ACFP-399 CORE/FOIA: Country drop-down menu is NOT alphabetically ordered Fixed
ACFP-407 FOIA: Due date should be updated according to updated start date of the task Fixed
ACFP-425 CORE/FOIA: Uploaded image in Pictures table for Person is overlapping the table Fixed
ACFP-426 FOIA: Registration Details “prefix” mandatory field missing asterisk sign Fixed
ACFP-447 CORE/FOIA: Activate/Deactivate organization button is spinning endlessly, refresh is needed for changes to apply Fixed
ACFP-458 CORE/FOIA: Add notification message after changes in ‘Business Hours Configuration’ or ‘Application Configuration’ are applied Fixed
ACFP-472 FOIA: Minor Issue with Labels Configuration Fixed
ACFP-489 CORE: Error shown after changing task/case priority Fixed
ACFP-491 FOIA/CORE: Adding existing Organization to People module Issue Fixed
ACFP-510 CORE: Closed tasks continue to appear in ‘All Open Tasks’ filter Fixed
ACFP-511 CORE: Tasks getting “stuck” in the list regardless of filter or search terms Fixed
ACFP-513 CORE/FOIA: Error message is not showing when user tries to drag and drop document Fixed
ACFP-523 CORE/FOIA: Can’t Create a New User from Admin in an SSO specific environment Fixed
ACFP-526 FOIA: Reference links from Document Repository to Request doesn’t work Fixed
ACFP-532 CORE/FOIA: State/Province field is not a dropdown for the organizations created from a new person or new request form Fixed
ACFP-533 CORE/FOIA: Missing validations for organizations communications accounts for new organization created from new person form Fixed
ACFP-537 CORE/FOIA: Details info not showing on ACM Document Workflow – Single Task Fixed
ACFP-569 CORE/FOIA: Application Version – Date Last Installed Changed Issue Fixed
ACFP-578 CORE: Complaint cannot be closed with Disposition ‘Refer External’ due to drop down values are missing Fixed
ACFP-620 CORE/FOIA: Issue with Email handling Fixed
ACFP-627 CORE/FOIA: Admin user shouldn’t be able to delete a request Fixed
ACFP-640 CORE/FOIA: Error copying file with an OCR version Fixed
ACFP-657 CORE/FOIA: Date/Time format for exported data from ‘Search’ and ‘Tag’ module is inconsistent Fixed
ACFP-673 FOIA: Automatically move Requests into the Hold Queue, when in Billing Queue more than configured days is NOT working Fixed
ACFP-682 CORE/FOIA: Problems with deleting attachments from tasks Fixed
ACFP-688 CORE: Approve Document button can be clicked multiple times on Close Complaint task and error is shown Fixed
ACFP-693 FOIA: Add Google Analytics support to the portal Fixed
ACFP-694 CORE/FOIA: Viewer Session Issue Fixed
ACFP-701 CORE/FOIA: Admin Module Scheduled Job Improvements Fixed
ACFP-704 CORE/FOIA: Deprecated acmQuickSearch and replaced with acmAdvancedSearch for all searches Fixed
ACFP-709 FOIA: Multiple portal accounts with same email address issue Fixed
ACFP-715 FOIA: Download multiple documents from portal reading room Issue Fixed
ACFP-719 CORE/FOIA: Create Alfresco folders and RM categories with a DataUpdateExecutor, instead of installer facts Fixed
ACFP-727 CORE/FOIA: Failed Schedule Synchronization from Pentaho to ArkCase Fixed
ACFP-752 FOIA: Adding invalid lookup is causing issue in the lookup configuration Fixed
ACFP-762 CORE/FOIA: Delete Linked Folder Feature Fixed
ACFP-773 FOIA/CORE: Admin – Organizational Hierarchy AdHoc Alignment Issue Fixed
ACFP-781 FOIA: Save user profile fails due to organization issue Fixed
ACFP-782 CORE/FOIA: Correspondence Templates – ‘currentDate’ merge term is using UTC and not translating to local time Fixed
ACFP-800 CORE/FOIA: Guideline for Object Sequencing functionality Fixed
ACFP-803 CORE/FOIA: ‘Documents Linked’ email template is sending attached files Fixed
ACFP-805 CORE/FOIA: Cannot send email from Documents under review in Review Costsheet/Timesheet task Fixed
ACFP-814 CORE/FOIA: Admin – Object Sequencing page – UI Link to Instructions page Fixed
ACFP-820 CORE/FOIA: ActiveMQ fileserver folder Issue Fixed
ACFP-827 FOIA: Disposition Closed Date cannot be set in the period between Received Date and 2 hours after Fixed
ACFP-830 CORE/FOIA: New Feature – Progress/Complete Indicator Functionality Fixed
ACFP-831 CORE/FOIA: Folder name for some uploaded emails is showing sender as “null” or not showing at all Fixed
ACFP-842 CORE/FOIA: New orgnizationID Type lookup is showing key instead of value Fixed
ACFP-853 FOIA: Email address should be mandatory field in New Request Form when Delivery Method of Response = Email Fixed
ACFP-855 CORE/FOIA: Mandatory fields for Location in New Complaint/Consultation/Organization are not marked with an asterisk Fixed
ACFP-860 CORE: User cannot login after time zone is changed Fixed
ACFP-865 FOIA: PDF Conversion is not updating the converted file version after original file is edited Fixed
ACFP-867 CORE/FOIA: Mandatory fields for Location in New Person Form are not marked with an asterisk Fixed
ACFP-871 CORE/FOIA: CaseFile/Request/Consultation ID in notification messages should be replaced with CaseFile/Request/Consultation Number Fixed
ACFP-874 CORE/FOIA: User cannot change password on the Portal or Application Fixed
ACFP-881 FOIA: Timesheet cannot be saved with all object types Fixed
ACFP-885 FOIA: Person Position Title field renamed Fixed
ACFP-886 CORE: Person Position Title field renamed Fixed
ACFP-892 CORE/FOIA: Increase Veracode score from 70 Fixed
ACFP-894 CORE/FOIA: Restricted Person/Organization Still show on Complaints/Cases/Request People and Organization Tables for user with no access Fixed
ACFP-896 FOIA: Web Portal – Issue with loading all lookups values from configuration Fixed
ACFP-897 CORE/FOIA: Skipped sequence numbers are not re-used, but they should be re-used Fixed
ACFP-910 FOIA: Perfected Date, Due Date, and TTC – Changes Needed Fixed
ACFP-912 CORE/FOIA: Issue with setting up Gmail/outlook/other as Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server Fixed
ACFP-913 FOIA: User is redirected to login page if login page is opened in another browser tab Fixed
ACFP-915 CORE/FOIA: Invalid name in the notification when Case File/Request and/or Consultation is updated Fixed
ACFP-919 CORE/FOIA: Task attachment is active after declaring as record Fixed
ACFP-922 CORE/FOIA: GitHub Documentation – Setting up ArkCase on Windows (Development version) Fixed
ACFP-928 CORE: ‘Change Case File Status’ Task is not being created, when status is changed Fixed
ACFP-929 FOIA: When a Person is promoted to a Portal User, the Portal User can’t login Fixed
ACFP-930 CORE: Get request is failing after creating organization Fixed
ACFP-931 CORE/FOIA: Organization without default email breaks Solr reindex Fixed
ACFP-932 CORE: ‘Change Consultation Status’ Task is not being created, when status is changed Fixed
ACFP-933 CORE: Consultations Title is not shown in the consultations search tree Fixed
ACFP-935 CORE/FOIA: Edited word document cannot be saved and uploaded Fixed
ACFP-977 FOIA: Remove duplicate “Select other reason” option in Add Disposition Category modal Fixed
ACFP-979 CORE: Unable to create new Case or Consultation Fixed
ACFP-980 CORE/FOIA: ‘Phone Type’ in ‘Add New Phone Number’ modal under organization is not disabled Fixed
ACFP-981 CORE/FOIA: Allow removal of “Forgot Username” and “Forgot Password” Links in Admin configuration Fixed
ACFP-983 FOIA: TTC days remaining are changing on request header and in the Hold queue table, when request is in Hold Fixed
ACFP-986 CORE/FOIA: Tika metadata failure breaks file upload, but file upload should succeed regardless of Tika results Fixed
ACFP-987 FOIA: Cannot create or delete folder(s) from Request/Consultation/Task/Documents Fixed
ACFP-988 CORE/FOIA: Search in Documents Module not working Fixed
ACFP-989 CORE/FOIA: Update WebDAV server for integrating Acrobat Pro (for Annotating/Redacting PDF files) Fixed
ACFP-991 CORE/FOIA: Default website in website widget are not populated for ArkCase Admin user and users on new installed instances Fixed
ACFP-992 CORE/FOIA: Cannot create task with ‘Business Process Type’ = “ACM Workflow” without parent object Fixed
ACFP-993 CORE/FOIA: Recycle bin folder structure setup incorrectly Fixed
ACFP-994 CORE/FOIA: Unable to restore Folder from Recycle Bin Fixed
ACFP-995 CORE/FOIA: Implement new date/time control throughout the application Fixed
ACFP-996 CORE/FOIA: Lookup Configuration – inverse value and value is the same Fixed
ACFP-1005 CORE/FOIA: Update Milton License Fixed
ACFP-1008 CORE/FOIA: Email Templates are incorrect, when selecting from the drop-down Fixed
ACFP-1009 CORE/FOIA: Admin – Correspondence Management – Correspondence Template – Correspondence Templates Field UI Issue Fixed
ACFP-1012 CORE/FOIA: Create new LDAP User Fixed
ACFP-1013 CORE: Delete Task from Complaint where Task Status = DELETE Fixed
ACFP-1014 CORE: New Complaint – concurrent modification exception Issue Fixed
ACFP-1015 FOIA: Position/Prefix field is showing the Lookup key in Preview Request Information Fixed
ACFP-1018 FOIA: Some notifications emails have (UTC) instead of the correct timezone Fixed
ACFP-1019 CORE: After submitting a new task the user is not redirected to the Task module Fixed
ACFP-1020 CORE/FOIA: Progress indicator functionality – Remove Reload Changed File Alert Fixed
ACFP-1022 CORE/FOIA: Remove Website Widget from Consultation Module details page Fixed
ACFP-1023 CORE: Review close complaint task is not visible under the Tasks node in Complaint Module Fixed
ACFP-1024 CORE/FOIA: Persist object history event only for successful events Fixed
ACFP-1025 FOIA: Published Date format is wrong on suggested request table on Preview Request Information modal Fixed
ACFP-1027 CORE/FOIA: Reindexing Notifications – throws exception Fixed
ACFP-1028 FOIA: Person organization position Lookup is NOT translated Fixed
ACFP-1029 CORE/FOIA: Asterisk sign is not aligned with State/Province Label on Location Table under Organization Module Fixed
ACFP-1030 FOIA: Preview email is not working when request number is selected in template preview box Fixed
ACFP-1031 FOIA: Request received email is not sending to the requester when new request is submitted from application or Portal Fixed
ACFP-1033 CORE/FOIA: Create New Costsheet/Timesheet with Approval Issue Fixed
ACFP-1034 CORE/FOIA: Remove Calendar node from all modules Fixed
ACFP-1035 CORE/FOIA: Unique text entered into the Consultation Summary field doesn’t show in Search Results Fixed
ACFP-1036 FOIA: AM/PM is not shown for Date range record search in Preview Request Information modal Fixed
ACFP-1038 FOIA: Issue Creating New Request with existing user created on new Consultation Fixed
ACFP-1039 FOIA: Mandatory location fields are not marked with an asterisk Fixed
ACFP-1040 FOIA: Change validation message for passwords length requirements from 7 to 14 characters Fixed
ACFP-1045 CORE/FOIA: Broken Pipe Exception caused when updating documents Fixed
ACFP-1046 CORE/FOIA: User cannot edit Consultations if the consultation is In Approval Status Fixed
ACFP-1049 FOIA: Record Search date/time is not saved as entered on the new FOIA Request Form Fixed
ACFP-1051 FOIA: Received Date cannot be set to past date/time from current date/time on New FOIA Request Form Fixed
ACFP-1053 CORE/FOIA: Cannot Create New Person Fixed
ACFP-1054 CORE/FOIA: Cannot Create New Organization Fixed
ACFP-1055 FOIA: Deleted date/time fields Issue Fixed
ACFP-1056 CORE: New entry inserted in Cost grid for every update of Cost value under Complaints module Fixed
ACFP-1057 CORE/FOIA: Format validation on input data is not working Fixed
ACFP-1059 CORE/FOIA: New Consultation form – Due Date and Received Date validation Issue Fixed
ACFP-1060 FOIA: Error message is not translated if user opens a document which is already in edit mode Fixed
ACFP-1061 CORE/FOIA: Removed exemption code on one redaction area, applies to other redaction areas Fixed
ACFP-1062 FOIA: Changed First/Last Name of the requester are not updated in the Queues tables Fixed
ACFP-1064 FOIA: Web Portal Profile information is updated, but the values are the same in the People Module Fixed
ACFP-1065 FOIA: Unauthenticated – New FOIA Request Issue Fixed
ACFP-1066 CORE/FOIA: Large AVI, MP3, WMV, and no-extension files won’t uploaded into ArkCase; WAV files can’t be uploaded Fixed
ACFP-1067 CORE/FOIA: Person position in the Organization Module is not set for requests created from portal Fixed
ACFP-1068 CORE/FOIA: Background jobs that update files is failing Fixed
ACFP-1070 CORE/FOIA: Due date can be entered before received date – validation issue Fixed
ACFP-1072 CORE/FOIA: Updated Calendar/Time Control on Global Header Fixed
ACFP-1073 CORE/FOIA: Large files with `#` in filename can’t be uploaded Fixed
ACFP-1074 CORE/FOIA: Current date merge term not working Fixed
ACFP-1075 FOIA: Prefix and Position fields are not shown on the New request or profile page Fixed
ACFP-1077 CORE/FOIA: Add currentDateToClientDate function to TemplatingEngine context Fixed
ACFP-1078 CORE/FOIA: Tasks due date increases while scrolling through tasks Fixed
ACFP-1079 CORE/FOIA: Task due date error Fixed
ACFP-1080 CORE: Due date issue on consultation Fixed
ACFP-1081 CORE/FOIA: Date issue in reports section Fixed
ACFP-1085 CORE/FOIA: Consultations – Create New Consultation Form – Field Issue Fixed
ACFP-1087 FOIA: Fix issues on Portal when user’s email address contains a plus (+) sign Fixed
ACFP-1088 CORE/FOIA: Uploading attachments to task causes permissions issue Fixed
ACFP-1092 CORE/FOIA: Exception thrown when attempting to Approve Document on Timesheet/Costsheet/Consultation Tasks Fixed
ACFP-1098 FOIA: Updated Support for API Fixed
ACFP-1099 CORE/FOIA: Files are not uploading if the user doesn’t have Microsoft Office installed locally Fixed
ACFP-1101 CORE/FOIA: Files with the same name and different extensions not released to portal Fixed
ACFP-1102 CORE/FOIA: Not all records are being sent to the content repository Fixed
ACFP-1103 CORE/FOIA: Email validation is not right on New person, New Organization forms Fixed
ACFP-1104 CORE/FOIA: Add new name column for eDiscovery metadata Fixed
ACFP-1105 CORE/FOIA: Cannot manually trigger scheduled jobs in Admin Fixed
ACFP-1106 CORE/FOIA: Show selected date in the date-time picker Fixed
ACFP-1118 FOIA: Create New Anonymous Request from Portal Fixed
ACFP-1120 CORE/FOIA: Remove content repository sync messages from user interface Fixed
ACFP-1121 CORE/FOIA: Task with parent object is not created or shown under tasks module Fixed
ACFP-1123 FOIA: Saving requests after changing request track dropdown fails Fixed
ACFP-1124 FOIA: Cannot create Appeal when there are too many files in the request Fixed
ACFP-1126 FOIA: Exemption codes change for the FOIARequestTemplateModelProvider Fixed
ACFP-1127 FOIA: When creating Appeal disable Enter key on original request number field Fixed
ACFP-1129 CORE: Case Files are NOT sorting by Created Date Asc/Desc Fixed
ACFP-1131 CORE/FOIA : New LDAP Configuration cannot be added Fixed
ACFP-1132 CORE/FOIA: Copy then Paste as a link in root folder issues Fixed
ACFP-1133 FOIA: Files are not uploading in Documents folders Fixed
ACFP-1141 CORE/FOIA: Solr does not support all file formats Fixed
ACFP-1142 CORE/FOIA: Create new application role/lookup, with dots in the name is causing performance issues Fixed
ACFP-1143 FOIA: Request downloaded from Portal – email is not sent to members in the Officers group Fixed
ACFP-1144 FOIA: Create (or update) Anonymous Anonymous Person Fixed
ACFP-1147 FOIA: Date Range fields for Record Search in Request form are not shown completely Fixed
ACFP-1148 FOIA: Queues module – Queue due date column is showing wrong format date/time Fixed
ACFP-1149 CORE/FOIA: Application is not opening, after document is downloaded through link in Document attached linked/Document Linked email template Fixed
ACFP-1175 CORE/FOIA: “Open with Microsoft Office Online” (WOPI) option always throws an error Fixed
ACFP-1178 CORE/FOIA: WebDAV sometimes doesn’t save PDF files Fixed
ACFP-1183 FOIA: When request is created, the organization name is not matched and associated to the correct organization already on file Fixed
ACFP-1185 FOIA: Request are not shown in the Hold queue table, when queue is changed in Hold Fixed
ACFP-1201 FOIA: Change Request Track to Complex and is showing exception and Extension letter is not generated Fixed
ACFP-1202 FOIA: Due date lands on Sunday Fixed
ACFP-1218 CORE/FOIA: Task overdue email is showing the task ID in different format, the time is not shown correctly Fixed
ACFP-1220 CORE/FOIA: Progress indicator is showing the file type rather than the file name that is being processed Fixed
ACFP-1224 FOIA: Multiple organizations with same name causes portal request creation to fail Fixed
ACFP-1235 CORE/FOIA: Uploaded documents not showing on UI Fixed
ACFP-1247 FOIA: Can not create new request for ArkCase or Portal Fixed
ACFP-1249 FOIA: Change Request Track from Complex to Simple/Expedite throws exception Fixed
ACFP-1250 FOIA: Entered Queue Date, Days in Queue column values and Status is wrong for Requests moved to Hold queue Fixed
ACFP-1259 FOIA: Changing component agency on a request fails Fixed
ACFP-1263 CORE: Complaint is not creating for all scenarios Fixed
ACFP-1264 FOIA: Days in Queue and Time to complete values are resetting after assigning the request Fixed
ACFP-1285 CORE/FOIA: Creation of new task is failing when start date is changed from default value Fixed
ACFP-1287 FOIA: Email to create new portal account on behalf of a requester, should show up in Outgoing Email folder of that request Fixed
ACFP-1289 FOIA: Dashboard – Issues with the My Requests and My Tasks Widgets Fixed
ACFP-1293 FOIA: Unable to submit an Appeal Request as Address fields are mandatory but are disabled in the form Fixed
ACFP-1296 CORE/FOIA: Start date on Document Workflow tasks is reverted back to default after creating the task Fixed
ACFP-1298 FOIA: Due Date can’t be change to any date greater that 1 year from Received Date Fixed
ACFP-1301 CORE/FOIA: Dashboard Widget issues (Workflow Report, Active Case file, Active Requests by Queue) Fixed
ACFP-1304 CORE: Correspondence templates showing invalid name when two or more people added to case Fixed
ACFP-1306 CORE/FOIA: Adding another phone/email/URL in new Person/Organization is not showing validation message Fixed
ACFP-1315 CORE/FOIA: Link of a record file cannot be deleted or moved to different folder Fixed
ACFP-1316 CORE/FOIA: Link Forms/Workflows saving issue Fixed
ACFP-1317 CORE: Cannot close the complaint without adding approver Fixed
ACFP-1319 CORE/FOIA: Labels are not translated on “Add New Participant on Document Viewer Page” Fixed
ACFP-1320 CORE/FOIA: Overdue/Due Date approaching icons not showing Fixed
ACFP-1321 FOIA: Add default privileges to ROLE_OFFICER for creating requests Fixed
ACFP-1322 CORE: Object unassigned email is not sent when assignee is changed on case file Fixed
ACFP-1325 CORE: Case creation date in close complaint modal is not showing the right format Fixed
ACFP-1330 CORE: Issue with assigning complaint when due date for complaint is set to unknown Fixed
ACFP-1332 CORE/FOIA: Emails with top level domains larger than 4 characters should be allowed on forms Fixed
ACFP-1336 FOIA: Document Management – When Request is Reassigned, All Documents Modified By and Date Change to the Assignee Fixed
ACFP-1337 CORE/FOIA dev: Enter phone number in New Person form issue Fixed
ACFP-1338 CORE: Approvers are not visible in close complaint Fixed
ACFP-1339 CORE/FOIA: Send Email – Convert to PDF – Font Color Change Fixed
ACFP-1341 CORE/FOIA: Some widgets are not populated with data Fixed
ACFP-1352 CORE/FOIA: Apply updated WebDAV changes Fixed
ACFP-1353 CORE: Improve My Cases and My Complaints widget so objects with unknown due date are shown Fixed
ACFP-1356 CORE/FOIA: Updates for extensibility data model feature Fixed
ACFP-1358 CORE: Improve Active Case File widget so objects with unknown due date are shown Fixed
ACFP-1365 CORE/FOIA: Admin – Object Title Configuration is wrong/not working for Consultations/Complaint Fixed
ACFP-1366 CORE/FOIA: Update Persons name is not working Fixed
ACFP-1367 CORE/FOIA: Cannot add alias/organization under existing person – access denied, user has no granted privileges Fixed
ACFP-1368 CORE/FOIA: Create new Person location fields alignment Fixed
ACFP-1369 FOIA: Not able to check the status in the Anonymous Request Status if user is not logged in Fixed
ACFP-1370 CORE/FOIA: Received date and time is not shown on Consultations header Fixed
ACFP-1372 FOIA: Cannot submit anonymous request when user is not logged in Fixed
ACFP-1387 FOIA: Appeals are not loaded in the Appeal Queue Table Fixed
ACFP-1388 CORE/FOIA: Touchnet Integration updates Fixed
ACFP-1391 FOIA: Cloning user in LDAP User Management/ Add new member to Organization Hierarchy is failing Fixed
ACFP-1393 FOIA: Create portal user from new request form is not sending the reset password email to the requester Fixed
ACFP-1394 CORE/FOIA: Need to make sure file names allow for emojis in the title of the file Fixed
ACFP-1402 CORE/FOIA: Dashboard widgets updated to allow for rows number preference Fixed
ACFP-1403 CORE/FOIA: Delete from Lookups Configuration Issue Fixed
ACFP-1404 CORE/FOIA: Admin – Select Privilege page – New “Help” link added Fixed
ACFP-1408 CORE/FOIA: User can delete due date on task and save task without due date Fixed
ACFP-1409 FOIA Dev: People table under Request is blank, requester or other added persons are not shown Fixed
ACFP-1415 CORE/FOIA: Add indexes to the database for improved reports Fixed
ACFP-1497 CORE/FOIA: Upgrade log4j library to 2.17.1 Fixed
ACFP-1499 CORE/FOIA: UTF8 character (Smiling Emoji) is causing an error in the request description in the creation of a request process Fixed
ACFP-1508 FOIA: Lookups Configuration – componentsAgencies issue Fixed
ACFP-1509 FOIA: Lookups Configuration – primary componentsAgencies is not added as default on requests Fixed
ACFP-1511 FOIA: Reports are showing no data Fixed
ACFP-1536 FOIA: Request with a status of Unperfected and a Queue of HOLD, still showing in the wrong queue in the Queues Module Fixed
ACFP-1545 FOIA: Add Feature Flag for enabling or disabling user-person synchronization Fixed