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The newest release of ArkCase, version 2023.01, was released on November 20th, 2023.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
ACFP-2192 License Management: Activate and validate license file Fixed
ACFP-1545 CORE/FOIA:  Add Feature Flag for enabling or disabling user-person synchronization Fixed
ACFP-2518 CORE/FOIA:  Add scheduler name property to Quartz bean in ArkCase Fixed
ACFP-2613 License Management: Add UI message in the modal when invalid license is uploaded Fixed
ACFP-2423 CORE/FOIA:  Admin – Office List Metadata linked to componentAgency list Fixed
ACFP-2698 CORE/FOIA: Refactoring for performance improvement Fixed
ACFP-3146 Viewer/Redaction: Auto-redact functionality for ArkCase Fixed
ACFP-3169 Viewer/Redaction: Copy redactions when a document is copied from one case/request to another Fixed
ACFP-3293 CORE/FOIA: Add confirmation modal when user deletes existing LDAP Configuration Fixed
ACFP-3265 CORE/FOIA: Create new admin possibility to activate or deactivate users Fixed
ACFP-3460 CORE/FOIA: Enhancement of the Search Feature (search for objects) in modules Fixed
ACFP-3234 CORE/FOIA: Limit ArkCase users to one email address per user Fixed
ACFP-3261 CORE/FOIA: Make concurrent users exceeded error message user friendly Fixed
ACFP-3290 CORE/FOIA: Replace ‘Cancel’ and ‘Save’ buttons on ‘LDAP Group Attributes’ and ‘LDAP User Attributes’ templates with ‘Close” Fixed
ACFP-3291 CORE/FOIA: Some fields should be greyed out when user is editing existing LDAP Configuration Fixed
ACFP-3266 CORE/FOIA: Syncing / Creating new users when number of license active users is reached Fixed
ACFP-2114 CORE: Editing Case File with status = CLOSED, do not trigger regeneration of CaseFile.pdf correspondence Fixed
ACFP-2315 CORE: When closing a case, for all the documents under the case, the column Modified By changes to RECORDS SERVICE USER Fixed
ACFP-2430 License Management: Cron Job for License expiration email notifications Fixed
ACFP-3318 License Management: Decouple License Manager module Fixed
ACFP-2523 Decrypting and Signature verification on ArkCase Fixed
ACFP-3026 Disable download button being double clicked on Documents sub module. Fixed
ACFP-2143 FOIA: Improvement – Add Configuration Option for Re-Open Request Fixed
ACFP-3087 Download notification/Indication status on browser when users are trying to download the files from ArkCase. Fixed
ACFP-2421 License Management: Ability to download license in License Manager application Fixed
ACFP-2534 License Management: Dynamic inputs for phone and email in generate license form Fixed
ACFP-384 CORA/FOIA: Email Upload and Bursting Out Attachments Fixed
ACFP-2659 Email validation needed for email input field Fixed
ACFP-3295 License Management: Enable user to add todays date when generating new license Fixed
ACFP-2434 License Management: Encrypting license Fixed
ACFP-2715 Fix Case Files Module – Notes Table to Word Wrap all Text Fixed
ACFP-3144 FOIA Portal: Implement error handling on portal Fixed
ACFP-3285 FOIA Portal: Remove Privacy Act Request type from Anonymous Request Fixed
ACFP-2123 FOIA: ‘componentsAgencies’ lookup should require primary lookup Fixed
ACFP-3368 FOIA: Add auto-redaction pattern library with the most common used patterns Fixed
ACFP-3251 FOIA: Add automatic refresh of doc tree after file status changes to Auto Redacted Fixed
ACFP-1340 FOIA: Admin – Portal Service – Add new page for Portal CSS configuration Fixed
ACFP-3288 FOIA: Auto-Redact option should be enabled on already auto-redacted files Fixed
ACFP-422 FOIA: Exemption codes table should be populated with linked document exemption codes Fixed
ACFP-3167 FOIA: Update notification are send on UI but the request was not updated Fixed
ACFP-3371 FOIA: Validate regex pattern when adding new one or editing existing auto-redaction rule Fixed
ACFP-2422 License Management: Generate License form in License Manager application Fixed
ACFP-2188 License Management: Generation of randomized license key Fixed
ACFP-2189 License Management: Install ArkCase EE with one single license key Fixed
ACFP-2197 License Management: License expiration notification on Dashboard page Fixed
ACFP-2196 License Management: License expiration notification on Login page Fixed
ACFP-2193 License Management: License info in Admin module Fixed
ACFP-2190 License Management: License key restrictions Fixed
ACFP-2501 License Management: License Management User Interface Fixed
ACFP-3331 License Management: Make Maximum Concurrent Users Permission to work with clustered environment Fixed
ACFP-2419 License Management: Listing licenses in License Manager application Fixed
ACFP-2690 License Management: Mail is not sending for License Expiration Fixed
ACFP-3207 FOIA: Move “” integration implementation to ArkCase CORE Product Fixed
ACFP-3198 FOIA: Move creation of Privacy Act (PA) Request to Core Fixed
ACFP-3392 CORE/FOIA: Move Preferences code into CORE Fixed
ACFP-3096 CORE/FOIA: Implement S3 Adapter as primary repository Fixed
ACFP-2191 License Management: Non-ping license Fixed
ACFP-3134 Viewer/Redaction: PDFTron – Audio/Video player progress bar should allow user to skip to desired time slot Fixed
ACFP-2195 License Management: Permanent access to license configuration page Fixed
ACFP-2843 License Management: Public/Private key rework needed as part of License Manager Fixed
ACFP-2699 License Management: Remove existing license Fixed
ACFP-3122 Viewer/Redaction: Remove option add new tab in PDF Tron Fixed
ACFP-2512 CORE/FOIA: Replace deprecated basic auth for Office 365 sending (SMTP) and receiving (IMAP) email messages Fixed
ACFP-2420 License Management: Saving license in database in License Manager application Fixed
ACFP-2525 License Management: Send email to ArkCase users that have Admin module privilege Fixed
ACFP-2664 License Management: Show multiple contact methods in license configuration Fixed
ACFP-1923 AWS Transcribe: Transcribe service – Revert broken code from ACFP-222 and change the code per new AWS polices when “quality improvements” is enabled Fixed
ACFP-2194 License Manager: Upload a license file Fixed