Release 3.1.11


Title Summary Resolution
Technical Debt – Activiti workflow triggers too early on boot When starting Bactes, I can see exceptions in the log coming from Activiti initiated job executions, which in turn invoke Drools rules execution that fail, probably because rules are not loaded yet. Fixed
FOIA – Request is not entered in FOIA when we submit it from drupal web site 1: Open FOIA drupal web site
2: Insert all required fields and submit new request.
3: Login to FOIA with user that have permissions to Requests module,
Expected result: Request is succesfully entered.
Actual result: Request is not succesfully entered.
Approval Routing – Set Due date to getdate() + 3 days Approval Routing – Set Due date to getdate() + 3 days

Right now the due date isn’t be set at all.

Please configure a rules in the drools spreadsheet to specify what the due date will be for the automatically generated tasks for the Approval Routing. Right now set the due date from the drools rules to getdate() + 3.

Admin > Correspondence Templates The Creator co… Admin > Correspondence Templates

The Creator column shows the userId of whomever is logged in.

Log in as Ann Administrator – see ann-acm in Creator column
Log in as Jim Smith – see jsmith in Creator column for all rows

Develop Functionality for Correspondence Admin Remaining Items that need to be completed:

o One large query in the back ground that allows the user to use or not use the elements
o Then save their template
o Then it automatically shows on the correct object to be used as a correspondence
o Need versioning on the Correspondence template table
o Modifier name on the Correspondence template table
o Merge Terms should be consistent across all Case templates or Complaint templates
§ Node to define merge terms for each object (Case or Complaint)
§ Template management
o Active flag for each template

Ability to edit Correspondence. Ability to edit Correspondence

Upon adding a piece of Correspondence, there is no easy way to edit the Correspondence within the system.

Need to think through whether we should consolidate Correspondence with Documents.