Release 3.1.13


Title Summary Resolution
After editing note, the note version is not updated. Also, do not see document version updating. Added note to document, edited note. Does save changes, does not increment version.

Also not updating version on documents. Changes are saved however.

Document Repository Module – Search Results Document Repository Module – Search Results

The system shall allow the user to navigate to the document viewer for the document and parent repository folder location from the Global Search results.

Document Repository Module – Overarching – Doc-tree Feature – Folders and Document Actions The system shall display Add New Folder and Add Document buttons and enable the buttons when the user has selected a folder or document. The purpose of this is to show the user available actions without requiring them to right click on a folder or document.

Note: This will be a change to the global doc-tree functionality across entire application.

FOIA extension – 403 error on file exemption codes URL From the FOIA dev site:

vendors.min.js:297 GET 403 (Forbidden)

The problem is the URL privilege beans are hardcoded for /api/v1, so /api/latest (as above) doesn’t work.

Document Viewer – Load multiple versions into viewer Document Viewer – Load multiple versions into viewer Fixed
New created complaint can’t be opened, error occurs 1: Login as user that have permissions to open complaints
2: Click on New/Complaint
3: Insert all required fields and Save it.
Expected result: Complaint is successfully saved, notification message is displayed and new complaint is opened.
Actual Result: New created complaint is not successfully opened, exception occurs.
Wrong URL when double click on document which is in some subfolder  Wrong URL when double click on document which is in some subfolder Fixed
DocRepo: Audit Events Still Missing the below events:

• Cancel Editing – Still Not Working
• Checked In – Still Not Working
• Checked Out – Still Not Working
• Participant Changed – Still Not Working

DocRepo: Minor Changes Minor Changes/Bugs

1. Can’t delete any folders with documents in it…if there are document, we delete the document also…add a modal asking for confirmation on delete. (Lowest priority of this list)
2. Need to add the ability to delete an entire Repository

Requests Page notification message 1.Log into the application.
2. Click on requests in the sidebar.
3. Make some action (e.g add note);Notification for the the requests page contains “Case” instead of “Request”.
Simple Search is not work Simple Search is not work:

1. Login to App
2. Go to top right simple search box
3. Type in Note
4. User is taken to Search module and no results return
5. Then try to search Note from the search module and results return.