Release 3.2.10

The newest point release of ArkCase, version 3.2, was released on May 22nd, 2018.  This point version is v3.2.10.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Title Summary Resolution
Holiday Schedule configuration improvements List of holidays should be predefined (US national holidays)
Check-box to be added, so the user can choose whether Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) should be calculated as working days.
By default, calculation is done only with working days, by excluding holidays and weekends. If check-box is checked, weekends will be treated as working days
Transferring items – sub-modules: Functional Access, Select Privileges, Dashboard and Reports There is a bug in the sub-modules: Functional access, Select privileges, Dashboard and Reports in the Admin module.

Bug: When the user try to transfer items between authorized and not-authorized panels in the 3-panel view.
This bug occurs only when there are 50+ items(which is the default pagination limit) in the panels(authorized/not-authorized). So when the user transfer 2 items to the panel with 50+ items, the other items after the 50th item will be transferred back(this situation occurs only when the other items after 50th aren’t listed).

Additional explanation:
After implementing the new functionality about search/filter and pagination, this bug occurred in few of the sub-modules because they their previous implementation about transferring items is different(there are 2 implementation and one of the implementations is wrong).

User have to click hard refresh in order to see changes when role is edited in Create Role/Select Privilege 1: Login as user that have permissions to Admin module.
2: Click on Admin from left side menu.
3: Click on Create Role/Select Privilege under Security
4: Click on some role and click “Edit Role” link
5: Change the role name and click “Apply Changes”.
Expected result: Role name is successfully changed in “Choose Application Role” list box.
Actual result: Role name is not changed.
If user refresh the changes will apply.
People – Reorganize the data in the header (info bar) It will be great to reorganize positions of the header components, to be same as for Organizations. First column (below the Person name) should be ID and under ID it should be a ID Type. Second column should have Organization and Organization Type and last column to be Phone and Email
It’s not logical to have “Status” field here, because it is indicated with the button (Activate/Deactivate) and we also don’t have Status on the Organization header.
When user try to add already existing user to ad hoc or LDAP group, appropriate message should be displayed 1: Login as user that have permissions to Admin module.
2: Click on Admin from left side menu.
3: Click on Organizational Hierarchy under Security.
4: Click on Add member button (men shape icon) in Actions column under some ad hoc or LDAP group.
5: Search some user that already exists in the group.
Expected result: Validation message is displayed informing user that user is already member of the group.
Actual result: for ad hoc group same user is added twice, for LDAP group 400 (Bad request) error occurs.
People module header James Bailey should not ha… People module header

Name should not have a comma in between it. Currently displays FirstName, LastName. If it were LastName first, then we use comma.

FOIA – Email not saved properly when new request is created Because the email of the requester (person) is not saved properly when we make a new request, it is not shown in the people module in the emails and it is not put as default.
Also when we choose a recipient for sending an email, if we search for a person, the email is not shown.
ArkCase JSON payloads are too big if an object has large number of associations Some objects have hundreds of organization or case references. We started seeing browser timeouts and slowness of the system when retrieving data after migrating legacy data into the system. See attached file for a sample response. Fixed
User idle timer across multiple browser tabs/windows UserActivityService only allows for forcing certain actions when a user is idle for the window/tab that is open.

HDS has need for this functionality to check user activity across multiple tabs, to stop a user from being timed out when working on another browser tab.

ID instead of email value is displayed in add new email modal Steps to Reproduce:

1. Go to organizations page.
2. Select active organization and go to Email address section.
3. Click on add new email address button.

Actual Result:
Label ID is displayed instead of the label value for the email address and the alignment is messed up.

Expected Result:
For email address label should be displayed the label value instead of the label ID

Note: The labels were refreshed from the admin label configuration page.

Adding Email address issue Check all places for adding Email address in People and Organizations. It seams there is an issue. Fixed
Adding a tag on file details page causes all subsequent metadata saves to fail After adding a tag to a file in snowbound viewer, then the next metadata change will fail due to a tag saving error. Then you can’t make any file changes until you open up another file and then return to the original file (opening a different file and returning to the original file clears the original file from the angular cache, that is why saving the file works then). Fixed
Save annotation button is not working Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to Cases pages.
2. Select some case that the logged in user have permissions.
3. Go to documents section of that case.
4. Open some document (user lands on the document viewer page).
5. Add some text or image rubber stamp etc.
6. Click the save button.
7. Close the page.
8. Open the same page again.

Actual Result:
The added text is not displayed in the document.

Expected Result:
All the changes made on the document which are saved should be displayed if the document is opened again. But the document version should not be increased.

Task widget shows only 5 items Task widget has configured pagination with 250 items but shows only 5 of them even if there are more. Fixed
Organization – Type to be added in the header (info bar) When creating Organization user can chose Organization Type, but it’s not visible/editable from the Organization module. It should be displayed in the Organization header (top info bar) and there should be a possibility to change it on click.
It will be great to reorganize positions of the header components. First column (below the Organization name) should be Type and ID. Second column should be (as it is now) – Primary Contact and Parent Organization and last column to be Phone and Email
Creating New Report or Modifying a Report name removes groups in Admin Report Configuration Creating New Report or Modifying a Report name removes groups in Admin Report Configuration

Creating New Report in Pentaho and then trying to add authorization doesn’t work, but errors out. See Steps to reproduce and error below.

Delete button is missing in References table in Documents module Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to document repository page.
2. Select some object and go to the reference section.
3. Add reference.

Delete button is not displayed for the added reference. In Tasks, Cases and Complaints module for every added reference delete button is displayed and the reference can be deleted.