Release 3.2.14

The newest point release of ArkCase, version 3.2, was released on August 9th, 2018.  This point version is v3.2.14.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
5476 Translation for Log Analytics Module Fixed
5475 Translation for Cost Tracking Module Fixed
6336 Transcribe – Failure of repeated Transcribe for already successfully transcribed file Fixed
6265 Admin – Configuring which forms to be used in application (Frevvo or Angular) Fixed
6365 Searching is not working on dev Fixed
6235 New LDAP group created with lowercase name Fixed
6215 Annotation tags added on the redaction area are not visible after burning the document Fixed
6140 Sending Email doesn’t work Fixed
5871 Admin – Label Configuration – Loading Issues Fixed
6295 Navigating to /arkcase/login allowed after already logged in Fixed
6326 Searching Case Numbers in the Case Module doesn’t work Fixed
6264 Add new ‘Sequence’ field in PDS ArkCase Fixed
6327 Can’t Edit the Case Status from the Case Global Info Bar Fixed
6358 FOIA – Admin – Remove Module configuration part Fixed