Release 3.2.15

The newest point release of ArkCase, version 3.2, was released on August 27th, 2018.  This point version is v3.2.15.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
6517 New Cases dashboard widget is not populating on Core and isn’t working on FOIA Solution Fixed
6497 FOIA – Saving the Request adds another Request Form Fixed
6489 LDAP: no way to revive an INACTIVE existing user (and ConcurrentModException when adding the same user id again) Fixed
6488 FOIA – Time to Complete – Calculation Bug Fixed
6486 FOIA – FOIA Requests by Queue Dashboard Widget is Broken Fixed
6479 AFDP-3283 Use Arkcase dates from and to as default dates Fixed
6471 Dashboard – News Widget – Labels issue Fixed
6437 Request Details – Changes Fixed
6435 Web Portal – Request Status – Make both search fields Mandatory Fixed
6432 FOIA Web Portal – Expend the size of all Web portal pages Fixed
6423 FOIA – Web Portal – Release Email is to the wrong link Fixed
6422 FOIA – Completing a Request from Billing and moving to Release Queue Issues Fixed
6421 Snowbound view – closing document tabs is not persistent Fixed
6419 Web Portal – New Request – Fix the Verbiage on the Confirmation Page Fixed
6417 Emails not being Sent on Cloud Environment Fixed
6415 FOIA – Issue creating automatically correspondences for Request released Fixed
6414 FOIA – Opening .docx files in Snowbound issue Fixed
6411 FOIA – Request Status page – extend the table to show more data Fixed
6409 FOIA Web Potal – Reading Room page – Fix the table columns Fixed
6406 AFDP-6403 Request Status Page – Change “GC Review” status to “Supervisor Review” Fixed
6405 AFDP-6403 Request Status Page – Remove the Appeal Column Fixed
6404 AFDP-6403 New Request Page – Update verbiage, add missing field, remove unneeded fields, add logo, add banner Fixed
6394 Overlapping text and object name Fixed
6392 FOIA Web Portal without Authentication – New Request form changes Fixed
6382 FOIA – Time/Cost Form Searching for Request Issue Fixed
6381 Deleting a file through ECM file service deletes only the last version in Alfresco Fixed
6380 Remove Extra Steps in Assigning Owning Group and Assignee Fixed
6378 FOIA – Request Module Global Information change Due Date Fixed
6375 FOIA – Request/Appeal Acknowledgement Letter Fixes Fixed
6374 FOIA – Web Portal – New Request Field Changes Fixed
6368 FOIA – Change the HELP Link Fixed
6361 FOIA – Admin – Reports Configuration Fixed
6355 FOIA – Task – change label in the info ribbon Fixed
6354 FOIA – Task – Parent Request hyperlink issue Fixed
6350 FOIA – Request Viewer Details Page – Tasks Tab issue Fixed
6346 FOIA – Cost Module – Expense Table – Total Cost Column needs to be in dollars, not just a number Fixed
6345 FOIA – Cost Module – Global Information – The Parent Request hyperlink doesn’t direct the user to the correct request in the Request module Fixed
6344 FOIA – Cost Module – Change Global Information Labels Fixed
6341 FOIA – Snowbound should show the version # after the document name on the viewer tab Fixed
6328 Case Module – Document Management Tree – Safari UX Issue Fixed
6325 Simple search is not working on core or any extension Fixed
6323 FOIA Public Flag functionality improvement Fixed
6321 FOIA – Can’t Create a Task from a Request Document Fixed
6304 FOIA Web Portal – New Request Form – improvements Fixed
6296 FOIA – Cost and Time Module Nodes don’t match Core Product Fixed
6284 AFDP-5673 Doc-tree refactor for selecting parent folder together with all child Fixed
6271 Ensure ArkCase scheduler is always working Fixed
6261 AFDP-5675 FOIA Billing – UI implementation for “Generate Invoice”, “List Invoices” and “Email Invoice” in Billing table Fixed
6246 AFDP-6242 FOIA Web Portal – Reading Room page Fixed
6244 AFDP-6242 FOIA Web Portal – Check Status form Fixed
6243 AFDP-6242 FOIA Web Portal – New Request form Fixed
6242 FOIA Web Portal – Rewrite all current forms on Angular 6 Fixed
6231 AFDP-5675 UI – Billing node table in Request module Fixed
6230 AFDP-5675 UI – Billing table as tab in Queues details page Fixed
6224 AFDP-3283 FOIA – Report 3: Dispositions of FOIA Requests — All Processed Requests Fixed
6162 Need to add a core label for people.comp.details.title Fixed
6155 FOIA – Expose All FOIA Correspondences and Remove All Other Templates Fixed
6120 Implement new ArkCase form for the current Frevvo “Close Complaint” form Fixed
6118 Implement new ArkCase form for the current Frevvo “New Costsheet” form Fixed
6115 Implement new ArkCase form for the current Frevvo “New Complaint” form Fixed
6113 Token authentication has no mechanism for refreshing the session Fixed
6078 IE issue – Cannot save changes to dashboard Fixed
6025 FOIA – Denial Letter Fixed
6005 Change the Core Roles to the new OOTB Roles Fixed
5886 When user try to delete completed task, appropriate validation message to be displayed that task can’t be deleted Fixed
5860 Create new VPAT for ArkCase Fixed
5856 AFDP-5675 FOIA – Billing – Create Invoice Email Template Fixed
5855 AFDP-5675 FOIA – Billing – Create Invoice Correspondence Template and Implement Invoice Funcationality Fixed
5854 AFDP-5675 FOIA – Request Module – Billing Node – Create new Table Fixed
5853 Signature is not displayed in the eSignauture table after the task is signed Fixed
5844 AFDP-5839 Clone the ACM3 repository to the open source GitHub repository Fixed
5839 ArkCase Open Source Code Release Fixed
5678 AFDP-3283 FOIA – Report 6: Administrative Appeals of Initial Determinations of FOIA Requests — Received, Processed, and Pending Administrative Appeals Fixed
5673 FOIA – Document Level Public Flag Fixed
5664 AFDP-2253 Appeal – Appeal Form Fixed
5598 Snowbound – Page Count Word Wrap issue Fixed
5559 AFDP-5368 FOIA – Add Total Cost column for Time table in Request (or Case/Complaint) objects Fixed
5225 FOIA – Burning a redaction doesn’t refresh the viewer and show the new version of the document burned Fixed
2924 System sorts items ascending/descending by pages, in my opinion should sort all not matter on what page they are placed Fixed