Release 3.2.16

The newest point release of ArkCase, version 3.2, was released on October 10th, 2018.  This point version is v3.2.16.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
6791 Issue with adding new charge roles Fixed
6762 Admin – Cannot add privileges for new created ROLE Fixed
6746 Error when extension is made from document details Fixed
6743 Organization information missing in Request Fixed
6741 People details are missing on the Global Header for each Request Fixed
6739 SAML – Changes Fixed
6738 Attachments from portal page not appearing in Documents Fixed
6735 OnlyOffice – keep ArkCase session live while user is working in OnlyOffice in different tab/window Fixed
6734 OnlyOffice – Lock should be removed when the session times-out Fixed
6733 FOIA – Requests getting stuck in Billing Queue Fixed
6732 When user closes complaint, task for approval is not created Fixed
6729 When new case/complaint is created using frevvo form, default pdf file is not created Fixed
6724 FOIA New Request Preview page – Attachments not indicated Fixed
6717 Angular form  for New Time-sheet created from Case or Complaint objects Fixed
6716 Angular form  for New Costsheet created from Case or Complaint objects Fixed
6713 Attachments, Organization, Phone not Showing on the Acknowledgement Letter Correspondence or the Request Form Correspondence emailed to the requester Fixed
6712 Reduce email footer font-size Fixed
6711 FOIA – Request Module – Treeview Filters Fixed
6710 FOIA – Timesheet is not loaded and created – frevvo form Fixed
6708 FOIA – Workflow Issue Fixed
6707 Missing Requester Title and Prefix in the People Module Fixed
6706 FOIA – New appeal can’t be created Fixed
6704 Make Fee Waived/Paid optional Fixed
6703 Change subject of acknowledgement email Fixed
6700 Move logic for sending emails from UI to Activiti flows Fixed
6699 Portal – Change Other to Mail Fixed
6697 Exemption codes not displaying Fixed
6694 Prepopulate Request Status page from link Fixed
6692 Change subject of extension email Fixed
6672 Global Header labels missing Fixed
6670 FOIA – Fee Waived/Paid Checkbox not persisting Fixed
6665 Add Assigned To to request history Fixed
6664 Refresh Portal Request Form Fixed
6660 Add Requester Information Fixed
6658 Request History showing incorrect user Fixed
6657 Portal Page – Unable to enter Other reason Fixed
6655 Response Form shows incorrect country Fixed
6654 Document Created By Incorrect Fixed
6653 Portal Page – Preview Page Errors Fixed
6640 FOIA – Assignment Emails should only go to the previous and new assignee Fixed
6638 FOIA – Request – User/Group picker improvement for Saving the change Fixed
6636 FOIA – Running a report for the first time Errors out Fixed
6630 FOIA – Issue When Sending a Costsheet for Approval Fixed
6629 FOIA – Appeal Process Issues Fixed
6627 FOIA – Request History Table Updates Fixed
6626 FOIA – Billing Table Issue Fixed
6625 FOIA – Release Email Changes Fixed
6623 FOIA – Request Tree – Change Default Filter and Add New Filter Fixed
6621 State dropdown values not alphabetical Fixed
6620 FOIA Email Template – issue with template for Request object Fixed
6616 Not receiving Assigned To email Fixed
6615 Select User Error Message Fixed
6614 FOIA – Web Portal Doesn’t Load in IE Fixed
6613 Fix phone and zip format examples on Portal page Fixed
6612 FOIA – Can’t Create a Cost Sheet Fixed
6611 FOIA – Assignment email hyperlink caching issue Fixed
6610 FOIA – Label issue on the Assignment Modal box Fixed
6608 FOIA – 3 emails are being sent on when user is assigned a Request Fixed
6606 FOIA Web Portal New Request form – Validation to be done on “Submit” click Web Portal Fixed
6605 Request Form fields should be read-only Fixed
6601 FOIA – Category Field Needs to be Optional in the Application Fixed
6600 Request Date To/From Error on Preview Fixed
6599 Able to update status to Fulfill as an Approver Fixed
6598 Should not be able to release request unless Fee Waived/Paid is checked Fixed
6595 FOIA – New Request created from portal should use system user for communication with the back-end Fixed
6591 Reports – No Results return when the From and To Dates are a single day Fixed
6589 FOIA – Assignment emails aren’t being sent and they need to be changed to be sent every minute Fixed
6587 FOIA – Biling Issue that need to be fixed Fixed
6586 FOIA – Request Info – Label missing Fixed
6581 FOIA – Time to Complete issue Fixed
6579 “Time to Complete” value in old requests is not changed if user update it in admin Fixed
6577 FOIA – emails are not sent Fixed
6576 FOIA – 403 error occurs when user try to add new billing Fixed
6573 FOIA Request Due Date Incorrect Fixed
6572 Web Portal – After Submitting a Request Take User to Top of New Request Page Fixed
6570 Reports – All Reports need to use the same fonts, sizes, and style of tables Fixed
6569 Report – Report Titles in Header need to be Capitalized Fixed
6568 Reports – Old Duplicate Reports Need to be Deleted Fixed
6566 FOIA – Dashboard – Wrong Widgets show on First time new user logs in Fixed
6564 FOIA Portal – Unable to submit request when Waiver checked Fixed
6563 FOIA Portal attachments error Fixed
6561 Set Request Title to Request ID Fixed
6549 FOIA – Can’t create appeal from FOIA portal – “Request doesn’t exists or is not in Released status” is displayed even though released request is searched Fixed
6548 FOIA – New requests inserted from FOIA portal does not enter in FOIA Fixed
6523 Email configuration API exposes sensitive information Fixed
6522 Profile Image API allows non-image file uploads Fixed
6519 FOIA – Web portal – Submission Preview page Fixed
6516 FOIA – Request name in the header should not be editable Fixed
6513 FOIA – Move Core implementation for editing Person/Requester in the Request-People node Fixed
6508 403 error occurs when user try to subscribe to task or create folder Fixed
6507 Change all FOIA reports to accept startDate and dueDate variables and show the selection in the reports Fixed
6506 Setup configuration of FOIA reports and the date search types (Date Range or Fiscal Years ) Fixed
6505 Add support for Date Range and Fiscal Years as reports configuration on Core Fixed
6500 UI Changes in the Yearly Reports Fixed
6499 Date Range to the report header Fixed
6493 When a Document is locked, all the other write actions on the document should be greyed out Fixed
6492 OnlyOffice – Viewing Version History Functionality hangs Fixed
6491 Tasks – Documents Under Review Change Fixed
6485 On IE dashboard changes are saved but not rendered properly Fixed
6483 Reports – Remove the Section Number from All Reports Fixed
6476 Provision ActiveMQ, using TLS and MySQL Fixed
6458 Permission evaluator: Check Solr access only for assignable objects Fixed
6454 Make Angular Forms to be default choice in Admin/Forms Type configuration Fixed
6451 FOIA – When user click to edit Statute, drop down list has not selected previous Statut Fixed
6448 Admin > Reports Scheduling    Reports created unde… Fixed
6446 Search by Queue Due Date, Days in Queue, Time to complete and group is not working Fixed
6444 FOIA – Exception occurs when user try to send document by email on automatically added recipients Fixed
6440 FOIA – Creating a new workflow task from a request – Issue with Task Title Fixed
6439 Update Application Request Form to Match New Web Form Fixed
6431 When user try to insert new timesheet with not selected charge role, timesheet is not inserted Fixed
6430 Proxy error occurs when user try to login to FOIA test Fixed
6413 FOIA – User can save empty or 0 value in Time to Complete which cause Total -Time to complete to be not calculated Fixed
6408 FOIA – Requests are inserted with Unknown owning group and no user can’t make changes Fixed
6407 FOIA – 500 error occurs when user try to open queues module Fixed
6387 Participants table from right-click in doc-tree – Front end issue Fixed
6383 Implement the Extension Checkbox Fixed
6376 FOIA – Request Form Fixes Fixed
6367 Pictures are not displayed in grid Fixed
6366 500 error occurs when user click subscribe Fixed
6351 FOIA – Request Viewer Details Page – all Tabs not opening tables correctly Fixed
6349 FOIA – Request Viewer Details page – Document tab issue Fixed
6348 FOIA – Queue module, Start Working button functionality Fixed
6343 FOIA – Admin – State of ArkCase Missing Fixed
6334 Uploading video issue Fixed
6329 Cannot add file under Attachments in Task module Fixed
6299 FOIA – Organizations are not persisting Fixed
6289 When user click on Assignee in document repository “Change Assignee” modal is not opened Fixed
6287 Exception occurs when user try to insert person with more than one picture Fixed
6283 In Locations, edit and delete buttons are not visible Fixed
6254 When user search existing user to add as initiator on case, 403 error occurs Fixed
6225 FOIA – Report 5: Dispositions of FOIA Requests Number of Times Exemptions Applied Fixed
6177 Locks should be released after defined time to live is expired Fixed
6154 FOIA – Route the Deny button action to Approval Queue Directly and then from there to Release Fixed
6130 Incorporate JWT with communication between ArkCase and Onlyoffice Fixed
6124 Implement locking documents for onlyoffice Fixed
6123 Implement JWT for the onlyoffice config Fixed
6121 Implement new ArkCase form for the current Frevvo “Change Case Status” form Fixed
6119 Implement new ArkCase form for the current Frevvo “New Timesheet” form Fixed
6117 Implement new ArkCase form for the current Frevvo “New Case” form Fixed
6094 Simultaneous Editing Audit to be captured on Co-Edit Fixed
6085 FOIA – Initiate PDF conversion of the final response documents and create ZIP file with all converted documents, when entire request moves to RELEASE status Fixed
6071 Adjust Java Example from OnlyOffice to work with ArkCase Fixed
6032 Admin/Link/Form Workflow is not successfully opened – only on cloud Fixed
6020 CMIS configuration can’t be added – 500 error Fixed
6015 Can’t create report schedule – 500 error occurs – only on Cloud Fixed
5999 On clicking the Deny button, there is not prompt to entire denial reason (the denial letter is created and the appeal is moved to release queue, which is correct.) Fixed
5916 Enabling/Disabling widgets in Preferences is not working Fixed
5899 Snowbound – Cannot select multiple document versions to be opened in separate tabs Fixed
5880 When application and report is run for the first time daily, “failed at query” error occurs Fixed
5787 Update Password to meet FedRAMP Requirements Fixed
5771 Refresh button in Tasks is not working Fixed
5728 Admin – Report Scheduling Page – Clean it up Fixed
5726 Fix fields in “Add New Directory” form Fixed
5718 When user search some object id, some reference empty row is returned Fixed
5713 When there is 2 files with same name, only one will be sent in email as attachment Fixed
5694 FOIA – Report 22: FOIA Personnel and Costs Fixed
5689 FOIA – Report 17: Processed Requests Granted Expedited Processing — Response Time in Day Increments Fixed
5688 FOIA – Report 16: Processed Complex Requests — Response Time in Day Increments Fixed
5687 FOIA – Report 15: Processed Simple Requests — Response Time in Day Increments Fixed
5680 FOIA – Report 8: Reasons for Denial on Appeal — Number of Times Exemptions Applied Fixed
5667 FOIA – Convert All Final Response Documents to Readable PDFs Fixed
5581 BA suggestion for the position of the “Save” and “Cancel” buttons. Fixed
5485 Report of investigation can not be added in Cases Fixed
5425 Person and Organization – Creator to be “Owner” by default and new group/role “Entity Administrator” to be created for Owning Group Fixed
5408 Tags in Simple Search Issue Fixed
5143 System notifications are not displayed when object is created or updated Fixed
5142 403 error occurs when user try to declare record in tasks attachments Fixed
4166 Edit Cost/Time sheet – Details are lost Fixed
3293 Complaint – Close Complaint – Open New Investigation – No Case File PDF Fixed