Release 3.2.3

The newest point release of ArkCase, version 3.2, was released on January 25th, 2018.  This point version is v3.2.3.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Title Summary Resolution
User Picker for adding/editing participants in objects should list only active users Adding/Editing participants in any object (Case, Complaint, Organization, People, Document repository) is probably using old User/Group picker that lists inactive users/groups. Strange thing is that if “Owner” is chosen for participant type, user picker works OK (lists only active users). Fixed
Add Ldap group with name that was previously deleted Steps to reproduce :

1. Go to Admin/Security/Organizational Hierarchy page.
2. Delete some Ldap group
3. Add new Ldap group with name same as the previously deleted one (bug)

Notification message is displayed that the Group name already exist,although group with that name no longer exist.

Console error occurs when user navigate to Approval routing 1: Login as user that have permissions to Cases.
2: Click on New/Case
3: Insert all required fields and Submit.
4: Click on Approvers.
Expected result: no exceptions in console.
Actual result: There is exception in console, see attachment: SyntaxError: Unexpected token P in JSON at position 0
at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
Lookup management – adding entry in Inverse lookup issue When adding entry in Inverse lookup, “Key” value is deleted after selecting data for “Value” field (although “key” value was selected first) Fixed
Could not commit JPA transaction error when user try to insert person with picture 1: Login as user that have permissions to People module.
2: Click on New/ Person.
3: Insert mandatory fields and upload picture.
4: Click “Save Person” button.
Expected result: Person is successfully created.
Actual result: Person is not successfully created, could not commit JPA transaction error occurs.
Improve index to Solr for File Content and Metadata Improve functionality for indexing File Content and Metadata to Solr on that way that we can easy extend this functionality on extensions. Fixed
User/Group Picker for adding Assignee in ad-hoc Task – Pagination in grid not working Adding User/Group as assignee to the ad-hoc task is using User/Group picker with 2 grids. Second grid has issues with pagination.

If number of items are more than 10 and selection is for showing 10 items, moving on second page is not working. If you choose 5 items to be shown, nothing changes (same 10 items are presented in the grid)

Locations widget in the Complaints Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to new complaint page.
2. Fill in all necessary fields and enter location
3. Submit the new complaint
4. Go to overview page of the created complaint

Actual Result:
Added location is not displayed in the Locations widget.

Expected Result:
Added locations are displayed in the Location widget in the overview page.

Updates on other DEV servers; Vagrant VM and installer scripts – to apply the changes on Complaint Disposition Report Following the changes on Core Dev environment for Complaint Disposition Count report, updates needs to be done on other DEV servers; the Vagrant VM template; and the flattened installer scripts. Fixed
Login issue when LDAP server is down When connection with LDAP server is not established, user got not clear message when trying to log-in in the application

Error message should be more understandable (more user friendly) and to be fitted in the UI box

Doc-tree – cannot add new Folder Adding new folder in doc-tree is not working. “User has no permission” error, although case/complaint is assigned to the logged-in user Fixed
Organization > Cases > Adding Cases does not add Assignee and Modifed Date Navigate to Organization > Cases
Click on + to add Case
Search and add existing case
Case is added, but the Assignee and Modified Date are not populated.
Copy- paste replaced document Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to cases page
2. Go to documents section of selected case
3. Add document
4. Replace that document
5.Switch to previous version of that document
6. Copy – paste the document to different folder
7. Open the document

Although the document is switched to the 1 version, the second version is copied and when the document is opened the second version is displayed

Approval Routing – Label translation Some labels in Approval routing page and form for adding new future task should be read from translation Fixed
When task is assigned, Owning group is not updated in task even though user have selected it when approver was added 1: Login as user that have permissions to Cases/Complaints
2: Click on Cases/Complaints
3: Click on Approvers sublink
4: Click on “+” icon and add new approver and add select owning group during adding.
5: Add the new approver at top and click “Initiate” button.
Expected result: Owning group is updated with owning group selected during adding (step 4)
Actual result: Owning Group is Unknown
Admin module “add CMIS repository” should not allow invalid input, and should produce valid Spring XML files The admin CMIS configuration page allows invalid values as input.

* “Endpoint” must be either ATOM or SOAP; but any string is accepted
* “Use Alfresco Extension” must be “true” or “false”, but any string is accepted
* “Versioning State” must be either NONE, MINOR, or MAJOR, but any string is accepted

Also, the XML file that gets written to the .arkcase folder is not parseable by Spring, causing the application to fail to start next time.

Email from ArkCase “Forgot Password” to change the password references URL that defaults to base path acm-arkcase You can change your password on the following link: https://acm-arkcase/arkcase/reset-password?token=60458a96-0dec-4d66-879d-ab27ff6ff49b

The link defaults to acm-arkcase. It should default to the correct base path of the application.

CMIS fields Url validation and number fields validation 1: Login as user that have permissions to Admin module.
2: Click on Admin from left side menu.
3: Click on Document Management/CMIS Configuration
4: Click on “Add New CMIS Config” link in the right top corner.
5: Insert not valid url in “Base URL” and try to click “OK” button.
6: Insert not valid number in “Maximum Idle” field and try to click “OK” button., “OK” button is disabled.Validation message should be displayed informing user that “Maximum Idle” value has to be number.,
OK button should be disabled and there should be validation of the number fields
Technical Debt – users and groups can be found with the same name in different directories On Sharecare project, users and groups are synced from multiple LDAP directories and it happens in different directories to have 2 groups with the same name. Group’s name is primary key in db, so there is one record for two different groups with the same name.
Also, groups are listed per directory on UI, and groups may be missing from one directory.To distinguish groups from one directory, there is a directoryName property which can enter as part of the primary key. Same approach to be taken for users.
Synchronize formatters across IDEs The formatters should support at least Eclipse/STS and IntelliJ Idea Fixed
UUID should not be appended on Ad Hoc group names and removed from existing groups UUID should not be appended on Ad Hoc group names and removed from existing groups Fixed
In CMIS configuration user can insert not numbers in number fields and save them 1: Login as user that have permissions to Admin module.
2: Click on Admin from left side menu
3: Click on Document Management/CMIS Configuration
4: Click on “Add new CMIS Configuration” link.
5: Insert not valid data in all number fields (You can insert text or special characters): Maximum Idle, Maximum Active, Maximum Wait, Minimum Eviction Milliseconds, Eviction Check Interval Milliseconds, Reconnect Count and Reconnect Frequency and click “OK” button.
Expected result: CMIS config can’t be saved. Validation message is displayed informing user that have to insert numbers in all number fields.
Actual result: CMIS config is successfully saved with not valid data.
For “Base url” field there is no validation if user enter not valid url 1: Login as user that have permissions to Admin module
2: Click on Admin/Document Management/CMIS Configuration
3: Click on “Add new CMIS Config” link
4: Insert in all required fields valid data and in “Base url” insert not valid url.
5: Click “OK” button.
Expected result:Validation message is displayed informing user that should enter valid base url.
Actual result: CMIS configuration is successfully saved with not valid base url.