Release 3.2.8

The newest point release of ArkCase, version 3.2, was released on April 11th, 2018.  This point version is v3.2.8.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Title Summary Resolution
Can’t delete or edit “*” participant – Could not commit JPA transaction error occurs 1: Login as user that have permissions to Complaints module.
2: Click on Complaints from left side menu.
3: Click on Participants tab.
4: Click on Delete button next to “*” participant.
Expected result: Participant is successfully deleted.
Actual result: Could not commit JPA transaction error occurs
The UI should work for users that do not have ‘mail’ attribute Currently the user interface is totally broken for users that do not have an LDAP mail account. They can’t even see their user profile.

Instead, the application should mostly work, and only a few e-mail functions may not work.

Adding existing group to Ad-hoc issue When adding existing group to Ad-hoc group, you can add same group multiple times to the list, without having notification that this group is already selected Fixed
Hyperlinks on object IDs in Audit report aren’t working in Pentaho 8 Hyperlinks on object IDs in Audit report aren’t working in Pentaho 8 Fixed
There is </br> tag in password complexity error message 1: Login as valid user.
2: Click on down arrow next to user name
3: Click on Profile.
4: Click on “Change Password” button.
5: Insert some not valid password (less that 7 charactes) and click Save.
Expected result: html tags are not displayed in validation message.
Actual result: html tags are displayed in validation message, see attachment.
AFDP-4359 Admin/Modules – 3-panel view – search/filter functionality Implement Search/Filter functionality on Admin/Modules 3-panel view Fixed
When user add or remove privilege in create role/assign privilege, 403 forbidden error occurs 1: Login as user that have permissions to Admin module
2: Click on Admin/ Create Role/Select Privilege
3: Select some role
4: Select some privilege and click “>>” button to authorize
Expected result: Privilege is moved to authorized box. Message is displayed “Action was successful”.
Actual result: The privilege is successfully moved to next box, but also 403 forbidden error occurs in dev console log occurs. See attachment.Same issue occurs in Admin/Modules when user moves roles from Authorized to Not Authorized etc
Admin – Create Holiday Schedule Configuration FOIA – Admin – Create FOIA Holiday Schedule Configuration

This Admin Configuration should store the name and dates of Holiday’s, so the FOIA requests timeline can account for those dates.

Split a case throw Service Call Error 1: Login with user that have permissions to open case files
2: Navigate to Case Files
3: Click on “Split Case” button
4: Select files that will be moved to new case and click on “Split” button,
Expected result: Notification appears telling user to wait and then user is redirected to new created case
Actual result: service call error in console occurs
Technical Debt – Split/Merge Case Make sure Split case and Merge case are working in dev and we need to add a hour glass or some kind of wait mechinism. Fixed
Workflow Report Widget issues As reported by Matt, there are two issues with this widget.

“I am seeing two issue with the Workflow Report in Dev.”

1. The label is messed up

2. The widget doesn’t populate and I can’t seem to get it to populate.

3-Panel view component – add search/filter functionality In all 3-panel view components used in application, Search/filter functionality should be implemented.
For example in LDAP User management module, list of ad-hoc groups can be really long (sometimes, more than 5k). For better user experience, it will be good to have “search” functionality for quick access to the required group.
Other similar 3-panel view components in the application (Admin module) are:
– Functional Access Control
– Create role / Select Priviledges
– Modules
– Dashboard configuration
– Reports configuration
Same functionality should be implemented everywhere, where this component is used.
Search should work with automatic filtering, showing all possible results for string entered. It will be good to have 200ms delay after last input character, so it won’t render the list for any new clicked character, but for the group of characters the user enters
When user edit Reader instead of update, new record is added in Cases 1: Login as user that have permissions to Cases.
2: Click on Cases from left side menu.
3: Click on Participants sublink.
4: Click on edit button next to Reader record.
5: Update the record and submit it.
Expected result: Reader is updated.
Actual result: new reader is added instead of updating the oldPlease note that this works in Complaints.
When username is empty, “authentication problem” error is displayed instead of “Must enter username” 1: Open login page.
2: Leave username empty, insert some valid password and click “Log In” button.
Expected Result: “Must enter user name” error is displayed.
Actual Result: “Authentication problem. Please contact your administrator.” message is displayed.
Complaint Disposition Count fails at excel output type Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to Reports page.
2. Select Complaint Disposition Count as report name.
3. Select date range and click the Generate report button.
4. For the generated report select “Excel” as Output type.

Actual Result:
Error pop up message is displayed “Request failed”.

Expected Result:
Excel file is downloaded that contains the generated report data.

New case – select participant Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to New case page
2. Fill in necessary fields and click on Participant tab
3. Select owning group and participant (bug)

Actual Result:

Selected participant is not displayed in the participant field and the field is still marked as mandatory

Expected result:
After the participant is selected from the popup form, the selected participant is displayed in the “Select Participant ” field in the FREVVO form

Link icons in the Cost and Time tracking module are not correct Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to Cost Tracking module.
2. Expand some costsheet.

Actual Result:
Participants Icons are displayed for the Tasks and Documents section.

Expected Result:
Appropriate icons are displayed for the Tasks And Documents .

Technical Debt – Handle actions from the UI that conflict Drools rules (Assignment rules) The issue can be seen if you try to remove a participant from a Case File or Complaint that is a *reader* and at the same time that user is the Case File creator. An error is thrown on the backend side. The issue occurs because of the “Case File – creator read access” rule. The deleted participant is automatically added back.
We have fixed the issue for the ‘Owning group’ by not letting the user delete the ‘Owning group’ participant in the UI. But, we need to handle conflicting rules on the backend, as new rules might be added to the *drools-assignment-rules.xlsx*