Release 3.2.9

The newest point release of ArkCase, version 3.2, was released on May 1st, 2018.  This point version is v3.2.9.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Title Summary Resolution
Horizontal Scroll-bar in expanded view issue When opening document in expanded view in Snowbound, there is no horizontal Scroll-bar Fixed
Issues related to Permissions After code for “Parent fallback permission” is merged, several issues found on the application, that should be checked if they are connected to the new changes:
1. logged-in with Ian, opening case or Complaint where Ian is Assignee (or withing Owning group). No document can be opened (please see SS)
2. People and Organization modules cannot be accessed. 403 Error on every attempt to open Person or Organization (please see SS)
3. Existing person cannot be added on any object. For example, when creating new Case/Complaint, adding existing person as initiator, User picker is opened, we can choose a person, but “User has no granted permission” error is thrown. Same issue when trying to add existing person as related to other person, organization, case, complaint. Please note that adding new person is working fine.
Same issue with Organization.
Participants added on the New Case/Complaint are added with “-USER” extension on their ID When adding participants on creation of a new Case or Complaint (with User/Group picker), participants are added with “-USER” extension, for example:
That user is not recognized and when trying to edit it, an error is thrown (Invalid participant. Participant entry missing in the system).
Calendar – Create Event issue There is an error when trying to create new event in the Calendar for Complaints.
500 Internal server error is thrown in the console. And Complaint ID is not send on UI side
Please note that for Cases it’s working fine. Configuration is same for Cases and Complaints.
Snowbound – Horizontal and vertical Scroll bar missing Snowbound – Horizontal Scroll bar missing

1. Go to a document and load it in the viewer
2. zoom in on a document to cause a need for a horizontal scroll bar
3. Notice no bar is there

Watermark text is not saved in the document viewer page and the watermark box is too big for the window Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to cases page.
2. Select case and go to documents section.
3. Select document and open it.
4. In the document viewer page click on Add watermark button (below polygon button in the image control button section).
5. Insert some text and click Apply watermark button.
6. Click burn annotation button.

Actual result:
After is clicked the burn annotation button the added watermark is no longer displayed.

The watermark box is too big for the window

Remove Weather widget from ArkCase Since we are facing problems with weather service we are using (with zip functionality) it is decided to remove this widget from ArkCase. If we need this widget in the future, new task will be created for that implementation. For now, tickets AFDP-5800 and AFDP-4939 will be closed. Fixed
User/Group picker in New Complaint form User/Group picker should be integrated in “New Complaint” frevvo form for Participants tab
Group picker should be populated only when “Owner” participant is selected, in order to select Owning Group (Owner has to be member of that group)
When document is expanded in Snowbound view, there is no button to go back to the normal view When document is expanded in Snowbound view, there is no button to go back to the normal view Fixed
Columns are not aligned in all reports 1: Login as user that have permissions to Reports.
2: Click on Reports from left side menu.
3: Run some report.
4: Select in output type: “Text” or “Rich-Text-Format”.
Expected result: Values are aligned with column titles.
Actual result: Values are not aligned with column titles, see attachments.
Text in the report columns is not aligned in all report types. It should be centrally aligned in all columns
LDAP Group management module Create new module in Admin/Security – “LDAP Group Management”. It will be similar to LDAP User Management for adding subgroups to selected groups. It should be 3 panel view:
– first panel will list all ad-hoc groups,
– second panel will list the groups from the same sub_type_group and from the same directory(if the groups is LDAP & without the selected one in the first panel). Multi-selection can be done in this panel, for choosing more groups where the selected group (in first panel) should be member.
– third panel will be filled with selection from the second panel
Filter-box should be implemented for all tree panels (same as everywhere where 3-panel view component is used)
For a new calendar invite, cannot edit the end tim… For a new calendar invite, cannot edit the end time after setting the begin time. Fixed
Translation for Complaints Module All missing (untranslated) labels in the Complaints module should be translated in different languages Fixed
Instead of full user is displayed user identifier in participants in document viewer page 1: Login as user that have permissions to Cases module.
2: Click on Cases fro left side menu.
3: Click on Documents sublink.
4: Right click on some document and click Open
5: Click on Participants tab on document viewer page.
Expected result: In participants grid is displayed full user names.
Actual result: In participants grid are displayed user identifiers.
When ldap group name is long, group is not created 1: Login as user that have permissions to Admin module
2: Click on Admin from left side menu.
3: Add LDAP group with very long name.
Expected Result: Number of characters should be limited and user is not able to insert a lot of characters.
Actual Result: Error occurs
Update Frevvo license in all environments The license expired yesterday. Need to update on all sites. Fixed
Remove user from LDAP group failure With the new three-panel view implementation, removing user from LDAP group fails because it invokes “add user to LDAP group” on the backend instead of “remove user from LDAP group”, and LDAP server complains with “user already a member of a group” Fixed
Snowbound Signature doesn’t work Snowbound Signature doesn’t work

1. Go into Profile and check that there is a signature on file for your user
2. Go to a document and load it in the viewer
3. Pick image rubber stamp signature
4. Notice the signature stamp is empty

New case with selected owner is not displayed in the cases page after is submitted Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to new case page.
2. Fill in necessary fields.
3. Add Owner and owning group from participants tab.
4. Submit the case.

Actual Result:
App redirects to the cases page but the new case is not displayed.

Expected Result:
App redirects to the new created case in the cases page.

Permission denied when openeing queues on FOIA Permission denied when openeing queues on FOIA Fixed
Snowbound Issues Issues with Snowbound:
1. If I zoom in on the doc. there isn’t a horizontal scroll option to see the entire content (see attached SS = HorScroll)
Snowbound viewer systems to have a problem renderi… Snowbound viewer systems to have a problem rendering PowerPoint (.pptx) documents. Used a document of 13 pages on multiple tries and all results were poor. Fixed
AFDP-5839 Ensure the ACM3 repository builds with only public Maven repositories As a public open source release, the code has to build with access only to public Maven repositories. Fixed
Picture is not saved as primary in people module Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to people page (or create new person with all mandatory fields)
2. Select person and go to the picture section
3. Add new picture and set as Primary.

Actual Result:
When picture is added ,”Primary label ” is not displayed nor the picture is set as primary (delete button is displayed);

Expected Result:
Primary label is displayed for the added picture and delete button is not displayed for the primary picture

Deleted AdHoc group is still displayed in the Functional Access – Authorized panel Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to Admin/Security/Organizational Hierarchy page.
2. Add Adhoc group.
3. Go to Go to Admin/Security/Functional Access control page
4. For chosen application role (e.g ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR) moved added group to Authorized .
5. Go to Admin/Security/Organizational Hierarchy page and delete the added group.

Actual Result:
Deleted adhoc group is still displayed as Authorized in the Functional Access control page.

Expected result:
Deleted adhoc group is removed from the Authorized panel in the Functional Access control page.