Release 3.3.0

The newest release of ArkCase, is version 3.3, which was released on July 28th, 2019.  This point version is v3.3.0.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
7331 Generate Invoices and Emailing not working Fixed
7267 Task Module – Document Tables – Double click files should open file in viewer Fixed
7251 Web Portal – Public Reading Room – Query Change Fixed
7245 Request Module – Sort Labels should say ‘Request’ not ‘Case’ Fixed
7233 Dashboard – My Task Widget – Sort Order Issue Fixed
7222 Audit Module – Need to Change the Dropdown from ‘Case’ to ‘Request’ Fixed
7218 Dashboard – My Request Widget – Unique ID not a hyperlink Fixed
7215 Request – Task Table – Assignee and Priority not shown until Task is complete Fixed
7213 Admin – Email Template Configuration – Remove Label for Complaint and fix labels Fixed
7208 Queue Details Viewer Page and Document Viewer Page – Task Table Fixed
7186 UTC vs. Local time issue Fixed
7183 Listing subgroups in Admin -> Organizational Hierarchy only shows 10 groups Fixed
7173 Implement the Date Time picker in reports pages. Fixed
7169 Truncate the title in the DocTree title column Fixed
7152 Two different modals are opening after clicking on ‘Versions’ button in ‘Merge Fields Configuration’ screen Fixed
7151 Implement Date Time picker in Admin page Fixed
7137 Sequence Management Administration Fixed
7128 Checking dashboardBannerEnabled requires adminPrivilege Fixed
7112 Admin – Report Scheduling missing Fixed
7110 New Date Control should be Replace across the Application Fixed
7102 Create tasks for multiple documents – wrong documents gets attached to the tasks Fixed
7099 Change the “Object type” drop-down list in “Upload Correspondence” modal box Fixed
7097 Request Detailed page – issue saving changes Fixed
7096 Timesheet issue – same timesheet table in all objects Fixed
7092 Request Module – Add Amendment Fields to Request Fixed
7088 Approvers grid is empty when new Case/Complaint is created Fixed
7078 Admin configuration page changes Fixed
7077 Modal Box for User/Group picker – Focus Issue Fixed
7067 New Request Form in Application – Date Control Issue Fixed
7066 Selecting facets with empty value throws exception and no new data is retrieved Fixed
7049 Task Module – Creating Task from Parent Object – Task Subject Issue Fixed
7047 Task Module – Attachments Node – Adding Folders or files Fixed
7046 Task Module – Missing Icon for the Documents Under Review Fixed
7045 Task Module and Admin Module Label Issue Fixed
7032 Admin – 3-panel view component – issue when moving more items at a time Fixed
6991 Release Queue – Shouldn’t show any indicators Fixed
6980 Label issue on the Time Module in Requests Fixed
6979 Label issue on the Cost Module in Requests Fixed
6967 Admin configuration for automatic set of Request Received Date Fixed
6964 Pentaho – Caching issue Fixed
6961 Remove the “Scanned” field from UI Fixed
6960 Send email without Document Fixed
6957 Exemption Code Descriptions Fixed
6949 Ability to edits a schedule report Fixed
6947 UI cannot use search suggest REST API with multiple filters Fixed
6933 Remove inline style from html views and extract any missing label Fixed
6925 Add Parent object info in Search Document Modal box Fixed
6919 Create Complaint from incoming email Fixed
6908 Request Module – Update Global Header Fixed
6841 Generate Response Zip folder Fixed
6816 Multiple emails are sent when object is reassigned Fixed
6760 Admin – make PDF conversion of all Released files configurable Fixed
6635 Accessibility Issue:   Mandatory fields to be marked with * and/or comment, beside “red box” Fixed
6552 New Request form – capturing document types within ArkCase Fixed
6459 Report – Missing XML checkbox Fixed
6353 Reference type to be changed from CASE_FILE to REQUEST� Fixed
6352 Notification message for Tag deleted – Label issue Fixed
6218 Navigation List Overlaps Dialog Box in IE Fixed
6079 Need Configuration to allow the system to start the object sequences over each year Fixed
5918 Sequence #’s auto generated by System should never skip Fixed
4803 Mobile Phones – Fix ArkCase Responsive Design Fixed