Release 3.3.10

The newest release of ArkCase, version 3.3, was released on June 23rd, 2020.  This version is 3.3.10.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
AFDP-8906 Denying a Request – Shouldn’t ask if the user wants to release documents Fixed
AFDP-9060 Refactor case suggestion service to support all object types Fixed
AFDP-9080 Appeal – Change Web Portal to allow a Requester to Appeal any Request Fixed
AFDP-9013 Admin – Link Forms/Workflows – Can’t type an rules to any Workflows Fixed
AFDP-9053 Sent emails with attachments from specific Request are not tracked in outgoing email folder Fixed
AFDP-9012 Admin – Workflow Config – Can’t Download existing Workflow BMPN files Fixed
AFDP-9019 Admin – Workflow Config – Need to be able to make a workflows Deactivated, see the Deactivated List, and Reactivate and Need to Fix Bug Fixed
AFDP-9109 Request Disposition Category Modal Appears Multiple Times Fixed
AFDP-9065 Encode case suggestion URL Fixed
AFDP-8861 Transcribe function  is not working Fixed
AFDP-8961 Consultation Reports – Implement Consultation Requirements Fixed
AFDP-9103 Consultation details view labels issue Fixed
AFDP-9095 Consultation Details view – Add missing properties Fixed
AFDP-7022 Social Collaboration on Rich Text Editor Section Fixed
AFDP-9049 When creating a new request, email is not sent to the Requester Fixed
AFDP-6418 Admin – Button to “Reset all Settings to Default” – on Config Server Fixed
AFDP-8831 When pdf conversion is turned on and there is files with same names in root folder, duplicate pdf files are generated in Response folder Fixed
AFDP-8823 Admin – Holiday Calendar – Remove 2019 Dates Fixed
AFDP-8687 People Header Banner – The ID types display incorrectly Fixed
AFDP-8674 OCR and Transcribe system users are removed from users list Fixed
AFDP-8889 Request Form Correspondence – Showing Page 2 as “Page Not Found” Fixed
AFDP-8929 Global search not working for part of the number Fixed
AFDP-8976 Upload mp3 file in request documents Fixed
AFDP-9006 History event for any file has empty “Event Name” Fixed
AFDP-9023 Add email validation when creating new user Fixed
AFDP-9069 Email validation to be added on Edit LDAP member modal box Fixed
AFDP-8864 Admin – Application Version – Update Label, Add Extension Version, and Date Last Installed Fixed
AFDP-9082 Object title configuration and missing lookups Fixed
AFDP-9079 Add Consultation update notifier Fixed
AFDP-9064 New Consultation – New People creates duplicated people object Fixed
AFDP-9015 Consultation – Create new module on backend Fixed
AFDP-8990 Consultations Report Fixed
AFDP-8989 Consultation – Access Control Rules Fixed
AFDP-8988 Consultation – Incoming Emails, Correspondence Templates, Notifications Fixed
AFDP-8979 Consultation – Add new Consultation Module Fixed
AFDP-8978 Consultation – Create New Consultation Form Fixed
AFDP-8987 Consultation – Configuration Updates Fixed
AFDP-9054 Upgrade Spring version to 4.3 Fixed
AFDP-8803 Upgrade org.apache.tomcat libraries version Fixed
AFDP-9026 Should not use ActiveMQ Blob fileServer feature Fixed
AFDP-9025 Email Notification Issue Fixed
AFDP-9075 Consultation – Create New Consultation with attachments Fixed
AFDP-9088 Fix Consultation module positioning in left menu and top menu. Fixed
AFDP-9108 Consultation Module Admin Issues Fixed
AFDP-9051 Notifications sent to INVALID users Fixed