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The newest release of ArkCase, version 3.3, was released on July 20th, 2020.  This version is 3.3.11.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
AFDP-9106 Does not display correct Queues for Requests Fixed
AFDP-9137 Shouldn’t see the ‘Return’ and ‘Deny’ buttons in the Billing Queue Fixed
AFDP-9078 Time Stamp to be added on Fee Waived and Expedite Track Fixed
AFDP-9011 Admin – Workflow Config – Create New Model – URL Wrong Fixed
AFDP-9066 Web Portal – Reset password new link doesn’t work after the first time Fixed
AFDP-9028 Email subject it is not translated Fixed
AFDP-9016 Admin – User Management – Cannot Clone user Fixed
AFDP-9096 Add new dashboard widget – My Consultation Fixed
AFDP-9143 Error thrown when new Request is created and when moved in new Queue Fixed
AFDP-9125 Portal configured user should be READER to parent Request of each PUBLIC file Fixed
AFDP-9024 Web Portal – Download All Issue Fixed
AFDP-9093 Web Portal – Reading Room Issues Fixed
AFDP-8016 Snowbound 5.2 Upgrade Fixed
AFDP-8686 Adding a tag when creating a new Complaint Issue Fixed
AFDP-9044 Remove the sync options from the Admin / LDAP Configuration Fixed
AFDP-9135 Document Drag and Drop Error Fixed
AFDP-9126 Delete user from LDAP User Management Fixed
AFDP-9124 Can’t upload a .pst file Fixed
AFDP-9043 LDAP sync breaks when a new entry has the same DN Fixed
AFDP-9098 Consultation, empty field message needs to be translated for “First name” Fixed
AFDP-8941 Override CSS When Choosing Arabic Translation Fixed
AFDP-8956 Strings passed in URL should be base64 encoded on UI and decoded on backend Fixed
AFDP-8960 Analysis Reports – Improvements Fixed
AFDP-9112 Due Date doesn’t work when a new Case Status is used Fixed
AFDP-9059 Quartz jobs Next fire time is in the past Fixed
AFDP-8991 Consultation – Installer upgrades Fixed
AFDP-9184 Send extension  email to requester Fixed
AFDP-9134 When Request is in the Approve Queue the Request is grayed out Fixed