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The newest release of ArkCase version 3.3 was released on April 10th, 2020.  This version is 3.3.6.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
AFDP-8684 Clean scheduled jobs audit events from DB Fixed
AFDP-8626 Change the Folder structure Fixed
AFDP-8607 FOIA – Deliver 1st 100 pages of document when released Configuration Fixed
AFDP-6337 Transcribe – User notification for reasons of FAILED Transcription Fixed
AFDP-8701 Email for Installment and Release of Document – Link Wrong Fixed
AFDP-8719 Create request issue if assignee set to none Fixed
AFDP-8565 FOIA – Denial Process Validation Fixed
AFDP-8531 Case Module – Task with Document doesn’t show up on the case document table Fixed
AFDP-8695 Cannot create Task on Case or Complaint Fixed
AFDP-8306 FOIA Web Portal – Authenticated Portal – No hyperlink on Request Status Page Fixed
AFDP-8645 FOIA Portal Form and Application Form – Request Type = Appeal add Section 2 to the form Fixed
AFDP-8710 Queues Module – Remove Priority column and replace with Status column on all queues Fixed
AFDP-3860 Track Outgoing Emails in Outgoing Email Folder in Document Management Fixed
AFDP-8608 FOIA – Create New Hold Button – Sub Menu and Business Logic Fixed
AFDP-8705 FOIA – Reason for HOLD should be optional Fixed
AFDP-8693 Object Sequencing – add separate Sequencing for Sub-Objects Fixed
AFDP-8646 FOIA Portal Form and Application Form – Request Type = Appeal – Title is populating automatically when it should Fixed
AFDP-8696 Documents are not released on the portal after request is released Fixed
AFDP-8661 Organization with “-” in name is not displayed in searched results Fixed
AFDP-8677 Copy folder with documents and linked documents to other folder Fixed
AFDP-8716 Address – Lookups between US States and Canada Provinces Fixed
AFDP-8725 Report Issues Fixed
AFDP-8745 Edit location in people Fixed
AFDP-8715 Document Table – REPLACE Option Issue Fixed
AFDP-8613 Should be able to send a document in a Task without routing it through a document approval workflow Fixed
AFDP-8735 Denied in Full – Shouldn’t be able to Deny in Full without a Disposition SubType populated Fixed
AFDP-8746 Issue when running audit report Fixed
AFDP-8709 Request Module – Add new Filter to Treeview Fixed
AFDP-8711 Request Module – Request Information Section – UX Issues Fixed
AFDP-8739 Web Portal – New Request/Appeal Form improvements Fixed
AFDP-8791 Case Closure Declare Records Issue Fixed
AFDP-8697 Searching tags is not working if tag have last character ‘s’ Fixed
AFDP-8656 FOIA – Error message when changing language Fixed
AFDP-8562 Change Case Status – Workflow False – Doesn’t Work Fixed
AFDP-8730 Folder links reuse the file links menu Fixed
AFDP-8586 Problem editing Link/Forms Workflows Fixed
AFDP-8754 Forgot Username is not working Fixed
AFDP-8755 Forgot Password is not working Fixed
AFDP-8781 Web Portal – Reset Password Email need to be more specific Fixed
AFDP-8780 Missing ‘Appeal’ object type in the lookup table = ‘correspondenceObjectTypes’ Fixed
AFDP-8775 FOIA – Search by group in Queues is not returning any results Fixed
AFDP-8748 FOIA – When user expands Outgoing Email folder, error occurs Fixed
AFDP-8787 Web Portal – Issue with Login Fixed
AFDP-8789 Request Form – Label Issue Fixed
AFDP-4264 CMIS configuration can’t be edited Fixed