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The newest release of ArkCase, version 3.3, was released on April 21st, 2020.  This version is 3.3.7.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
AFDP-8688 When closing a Complaint and Referring Externally Issue Fixed
AFDP-8726 Updating and Adding Metadata to an Organization throws error Fixed
AFDP-8290 Incoming Email – Burst Out Email Attachments on Uploading to Document Management Table Fixed
AFDP-8842 Create portal user for existing LDAP user Fixed
AFDP-8601 Move LDAP configuration files for user and group from .arkcase/acm/spring/ to the config server Fixed
AFDP-8819 Synchronization of reports fails when grant role-based access to a report Fixed
AFDP-8713 Adding user warning for username length limitation Fixed
AFDP-8712 Admin / User management improvement Fixed
AFDP-8804 “Need an account” needs a question mark  on log in page Fixed
AFDP-8714 Security issue requires update of com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-databind version Fixed
AFDP-8742 Request status page – Actions column Fixed
AFDP-8707 Error occurs when user “Send for Rework” approval tasks Fixed
AFDP-8721 When user click “Initiate” in approval routing,  error occurs Fixed
AFDP-8806 Request Track should default to ‘Simple’ option on request creation Fixed
AFDP-8813 When user click Appeal on Request Status Page, “Original Request Number” is not filled Fixed
AFDP-8779 Exemption Code Table throwing Console Error Fixed
AFDP-8814 Admin – Reports Configuration – Wrong Label Spelling Fixed
AFDP-8815 Original request number drop down list is always empty Fixed
AFDP-8836 New user cannot be created Fixed
AFDP-8744 Error message is not translated for Copy/Paste document that is declared as record Fixed
AFDP-8741 Request Status page – 2 new columns for “Request Queue/State” and “Request Status” Fixed
AFDP-8797 Error message is not translated for missing mandatory location field Fixed
AFDP-8723 Add the ability to click on Appeal option from Request Status Page Fixed
AFDP-8799 Error occurs when user try to move linked file or Folder from one folder to another Fixed
AFDP-8790 “Deadline Approaching” and “Request Overdue” icons should be not visible in Release queue (not working for requests with Status Closed) Fixed
AFDP-8828 Document Management – Folder Name Update Fixed
AFDP-8724 Change Zip to Zip/Postal Fixed
AFDP-8740 Request status page improvements – links to Appeal, Inquiry and Withdraw Fixed
AFDP-8843 Can’t register new user from portal Fixed
AFDP-8847 Error occurs when “Last modified By” = audit-lookup Fixed
AFDP-6783 Upgrade Apache Tika, POI, Drools,  version to resolve vulnerabilities Fixed