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The newest release of ArkCase, version 3.3, was released on May 20th, 2020.  This version is 3.3.8.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
AFDP-8906 Denying a Request – Shouldn’t ask if the user wants to release documents Fixed
AFDP-8816 Create FOIA request with non matching emails (non-authenticated mode) Fixed
AFDP-8904 Misdirect Functionality improvement – Freeze Perfected date Fixed
AFDP-8820 When configuration is activated remaining days clock is not stopped when request is in Hold queue Fixed
AFDP-8912 Interactive and Analysis Reports not showing in Reports Module Fixed
AFDP-8833 Request Disposition improvements Fixed
AFDP-8895 Table should be refreshed when adding exemption codes Fixed
AFDP-8924 Do not expose ArkCase userId in portal local storage Fixed
AFDP-8905 Portal Users should not be listed in User/Group search as ArkCase users Fixed
AFDP-8914 Global New Task – Adding Task to Parent Request/Appeal – Not working Fixed
AFDP-8963 Generating a Zip – Error Fixed
AFDP-8878 Replace document is not working on Firefox Fixed
AFDP-8953 Denying a Request – Workflow is now broken Fixed
AFDP-8897 Request, validation should be done to see if there is already an organization with same name Fixed
AFDP-8903 Request & Appeal – Buttons missing in Approve Queue when Fee Waiver checkbox is check – which is incorrect Fixed
AFDP-8955 FOIA Portal – New Request Form page, Section 2 should have all fields grayed (not editable) Fixed
AFDP-8609 Create Requester Portal Account (On behalf of a public user) Fixed
AFDP-8875 Registration token should expire after 90 days and new registration link should be sent on the first attempt to register after expiration Fixed
AFDP-8938 When redirect is disabled can’t move request to next queue Fixed
AFDP-8809 When user adds new organization to person, Address 2 is mandatory and should not be mandatory Fixed
AFDP-8858 Request Misdirect functionality Fixed
AFDP-6438 New Request From – Add Person picker for requester Fixed
AFDP-5496 Web Portal – On FOIA request, validation should be done to see if there is already a person with same email address Fixed
AFDP-5976 Organization – Match Existing Organization Fixed
AFDP-5975 People – Match Existing Person Fixed
AFDP-8860 Inquiry and Withdraw assignee and owning group are not correct Fixed
AFDP-8332 Web Portal – Once Registered, still can click email link Fixed
AFDP-8606 Web Portal Inquiry Functionality Improvement Fixed
AFDP-8734 Withdraw – Add the ability to cancel a request or appeal Fixed
AFDP-8801 Deny a request – missing a button and wrong Queue Status Fixed
AFDP-8805 Update Web Portal User Profile, Web Portal Request Form and Application Request Form – Add Country and Address Type Fields Fixed
AFDP-8808 Admin Modules – multiple selection is not working Fixed
AFDP-8862 Audit Module Report is erroring out Fixed
AFDP-8839 Updated Logic behind “Fee Waived” check-box Fixed
AFDP-8887 IE browser – FOIA Requests module, cannot open tree-view nodes Fixed
AFDP-8880 IE browser – Can’t add new folder, exception occurs and folder is not created Fixed
AFDP-8881 IE browser – Can’t insert amount during inserting costsheet Fixed
AFDP-8883 Internet Explorer – Links are not clickable on Request Status Page Fixed
AFDP-8898 Request Module – Section 2 – Search Existing Person Not working for certain People Fixed
AFDP-8812 Exemption Codes – Copy-Paste Document between different Requests Fixed
AFDP-8566 Add the ability to manually add Exemption Codes Fixed
AFDP-8627 Exemption Codes table changes on Document level Fixed
AFDP-8727 Change the implementation for resolving of audit event types logical names Fixed
AFDP-8628 Exemption Codes table changes on Request level Fixed
AFDP-8792 Task folder to be created on parent object only when there are documents in it Fixed
AFDP-8834 Portal Users configuration Issues Fixed
AFDP-8856 Sending email to a  group should send only 1 email Fixed
AFDP-8788 Appeal Templates need to be fixed Fixed
AFDP-8807 Correspondence Templates – Date Format Issue Fixed
AFDP-8857 Admin – Security – Email Configuration – Label Issue Fixed
AFDP-8796 Error when opening “Requests” module Fixed
AFDP-8869 Set password Validation configuration based on Fed Ramp requirements Fixed
AFDP-8885 Web Portal – Validate Phone on Profile and Registration Page Fixed
AFDP-8892 Web Portal – Can’t Withdraw a Request or Appel when Status = Closed Fixed
AFDP-8890 Request Module – Once Request is Closed User can’t Return Fixed
AFDP-8900 Request Module – Section 2 – Why is the Email field validated when the section loads Fixed
AFDP-8896 Request Module – Suggested Requests Table Empty – Console error Fixed
AFDP-8798 Web Portal – Request Status page – not showing requests created from the application Fixed
AFDP-8851 Web Portal – Address from the web portal are stored incorrectly Fixed
AFDP-8888 Viewing Emails Sent to Requester Fixed
AFDP-8818 Password length as configuration parameter Fixed
AFDP-8852 Email template shows UTC time for “Created” and “Received” Fields Fixed
AFDP-8891 Web Portal – Withdraw Form – Small Label Changes Fixed
AFDP-8947 Request/Appeal – Changing Request Track multiple times causes issues Fixed
AFDP-8884 Web Portal – Withdraw – disable the link once the request is withdrawn Fixed
AFDP-8909 When you click save or burn annotations, there is not promote to the user that something is happening. Fixed
AFDP-8930 For externally created requests i.e. from portal, email templates should show email address instead of userId Fixed
AFDP-8948 Appeal – TTC value isn’t showing correctly Fixed
AFDP-8950 Reverting Document Previous version – Error Fixed
AFDP-8932 Cannot save Disposition Close Date without selecting Disposition Category Fixed
AFDP-8946 Request Extension Checkbox and Redirect Functionality Issue Fixed
AFDP-8936 Web Portal – Request Status Search Fixed
AFDP-8951 Appeal – Global Header Label for Perfected Date is wrong Fixed
AFDP-8940 Opening any document in the very – Throws Error Fixed
AFDP-8840 Admin – configure default values for Litigation and Fee Waived Fixed
AFDP-8830 Action error occurs when user try to register with not complex password Fixed
AFDP-8855 Searching in authorized and non authorized list box in report configuration is not returning results Fixed
AFDP-8886 In LDAP configuration check boxes are not selected Fixed