Release 3.3.9

The newest release of ArkCase, version 3.3, was released on May 29th, 2020.  This version is 3.3.9.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
AFDP-8983 All Information is Gone when double click “New FOIA Request” Fixed
AFDP-8981 Portal LDAP Full sync failed to complete Fixed
AFDP-8957 Change Delivery Method of Response Dropdown Values Fixed
AFDP-8973 Web Portal – Profile Contact Info fields should have the same mandatory fields as the Request Form Fixed
AFDP-8925 Replace JS includes() and find() methods with alternative due to IE incompatibility Fixed
AFDP-8980 Issue adding New Organization to some object (Case or Complaint) Fixed
AFDP-8974 Closing a Complaint has an error Fixed
AFDP-9001 Disposition Closed Date should pop open the Disposition Category Modal box in the Hold Queue Fixed
AFDP-8954 Web Portal – Request Status Search should be a dropdown Fixed
AFDP-9003 Return Denied Request With Disposition Closed Date Issue Fixed
AFDP-9018 Exemption Statute modal improvements Fixed
AFDP-8533 Fix Arkcase integration tests Fixed
AFDP-8848 Add a description hyperlink on Exemption Statute modal and update the lookup values Fixed
AFDP-8931 Logging into ArkCase App with Web Portal System Username Fixed
AFDP-9010 Disposition Category is being set on each request after a Disposition has been set Fixed
AFDP-8975 Correspondence Templates need to be update per the Request and Appeal Global Date Changes and Disposition Changes Fixed
AFDP-8835 Rework notifications to not use acm_audit table Fixed
AFDP-8916 Agency/Component Requirements Fixed
AFDP-8964 Request – Request Information – Remove Amendment Info Fixed
AFDP-8849 Add a Description column to all Lookup Tables Fixed
AFDP-8915 Audit Report – issue with loading the report Fixed
AFDP-8967 Web Portal – Registration Details page – Phone should not be mandatory Fixed
AFDP-8907 Web Portal – Request Status Table Fixed
AFDP-8879 New Cost Sheet form – Title drop-down to be populated with “Postage” by default Fixed
AFDP-8822 Email is not sent to Officers group when response is downloaded from portal Fixed
AFDP-9008 Label issue Fixed
AFDP-8984 No Complete button for approve queue Fixed
AFDP-8838 Appeal Disposition Improvements Fixed
AFDP-9000 Portal Person primary email address Fixed
AFDP-8876 Admin – FOIA Configuration – Change Defaults Fixed
AFDP-8949 Received Date to be set on New Request Form Fixed
AFDP-8959 Can’t change request information when document is opened in snowbound because save button is disabled Fixed
AFDP-8958 Request/Appeal Form – Phone # Field Fixed
AFDP-8442 Exemption Code 3 – Statutes Dropdown Fixed
AFDP-9009 Can’t Create a New User in Admin in any Environment Fixed
AFDP-8965 Extend UserInfoHelper in FOIA environment with Foia specific implementation Fixed
AFDP-9080 Appeal – Change Web Portal to allow a Requester to Appeal any Request Fixed
AFDP-9020 UI goodbye controller should lookup the logout URL from the config server Fixed
AFDP-9017 Exemption Codes Description – Update Modal Box with Pagination Fixed
AFDP-9066 Web Portal Reset password new link doesn’t work after the first time Fixed
AFDP-9016 Admin – User Management – Cannot Clone user Fixed
AFDP-9279 Avoid Solr out-of-memory issues by reducing ‘rows’ parameter from 99,999 to 100 Fixed