Release v3.2.13

The newest point release of ArkCase version 3.2 was released on July 17th, 2018.  This point version is v3.2.13.  For more information, please review the release notes below.

Ticket ID Summary Description Resolution
5869 Fallback parent permissions – allow for extensibility / customization Petar asked for this in the code review in AFDP-5643. Extensions may define permissions over and above what core has. Fixed
5899 Cannot select multiple document versions to be opened in separate tabs After changing the document that is opened in Snowbound and after saving and burning the changes, new version of the document is created. Snowbound view is refreshed and new version of the document is opened (as a single tab in Snowbound), but there is no more possibility to select/open previous versions of the document (in a separate tabs). Fixed
5942 Organization default view Change Organization default view should not display the inactive Organizations. User should use filter to access the inactive Organizations similar to Case and Complaint. Fixed
5966 Organization > Added an ID and the History wasn’t Tracked Organization > Added an ID and the History did not track the old value and the new value. Fixed
6005 Change the Default Product Security Roles Need to change the OOTB roles to the below list for ArkCase Core and FOIA Solutions, which will replace the current ROLEs we use now.

§ All Access
§ Everything but Admin
§ Read/Write
§ Read Only
§ Limited Access/See modules/no data

6031 Service call error occurs when user try to complete task 1: Login as user that have permissions to Tasks module.
2: Click on Tasks from left side menu.
3: Open some not completed task.
4: Open chrome dev tools
5: Click “Complete” button.
Expected result: no error, task is successfully completed.
Actual result: service call error occurs.
6062 Complaint > Locations > Address 2 column Complaint > Locations > Address 2 column should not be hyperlinked Fixed
6131 Download of File Exception when “inline” parameter is set false, or is not provided but is false by default, after editing couple of times same document, somehow metadata becomes large enough which can’t be set in the headers since there is a limit how much is the max size of headers.

Also, providing metadata by default whenever we need document which is not “inline”, whether we need or not is not good approach and for metadata we should have separate parameter like “metadata” (true|false) but changing this will impact bactes at least.

Harmless solution will be to add additional parameter “metadata” with default value true, and when we don’t need metadata we can set it false.

6140 Sending Email doesn’t work When right clicking on a document sending and email, click send doesn’t do anything. No js call. Fixed
6181 Costsheet and timesheet can’t be created 1: Login as user that have permissions to Cost Tracking module
2: Click on New/Costsheet
3: Insert all required fields and click “Save” button.
Expected result: Costsheet is successfully inserted.
Actual result: Costsheet is not created, no exceptions in console log (the user is redirected to cost Tracking page).Timesheet can’t be created also (there is exception in dev console log).
6217 Subscriptions and Notifications doesn’t populate automatically All subscriptions and notifications for logged-in user should be populated automatically when these modules are opened. As it is now, the list is empty and only on Search filtered results are listed Fixed