Release v3.2.14

The newest point release of ArkCase version 3.2 was released on August 9th, 2018.  This point version is v3.2.14.  For more information, please review the release notes below.

Ticket ID Summary Description Resolution
5476 Translation for Log Analytics Module All missing (untranslated) labels in the Log Analytics module should be translated in different languages Fixed
5475 Translation for Cost Tracking Module All missing (untranslated) labels in the Cost Tracking module should be translated in different languages Fixed
6336 Transcribe – Failure of repeated Transcribe for already successfully transcribed file After successfully completed transcription of the video file, there is a problem when Transcribe service is started again. It returns “FAILED” Transcript status. Fixed
6265 Admin – Configuring which forms to be used in application (Frevvo or Angular) In Admin part there should be one new page for configuring whether the application will use Frevvo forms or new Angular forms.
This page (“Chose type of Forms to be used in application”) should have only one check box “Use Frevvo forms”. It will be “unchecked” by default, meaning Angular forms will be used by default.
This configuration is on application level, meaning it is same for all users and all forms.
6365 Searching is not working on dev 1: Login as user that have permissions to Cases.
2: Click on Cases from left side menu.
3: Click on Documents sublink.
4: Right click on some document and click Email
5: Click on Recipients field.
6: Search some user.
Expected result: user is listed in grid.
Actual result: No results are displayed for any search.

This happens everywhere in application where we search users, for example when user search to add assignee in participants etc.
Nothing is returned when user searches on Search page also

6235 New LDAP group created with lowercase name New LDAP group can be created with name that was not with all uppercase letters. Investigation needed to see why the group name is not in all uppercase.

LDAP group name not with all uppercase letters -> steps to reproduce below:
1. Create ADHOC group with not all uppercase letters and with suffix “@ARMEDIA.COM” (e.g. Test@ARMEDIA.COM)
2. Delete Test@ARMEDIA.COM
3. Create LDAP group with name “Test”
The newly created LDAP group ended up with name: Test@ARMEDIA.COM

6215 Annotation tags added on the redaction area are not visible after burning the document Burning Document does not show the Exemption Tags burned in to the black area of the redaction like Snowbound v4.3 used to do. Fixed
6140 Sending Email doesn’t work When right clicking on a document sending and email, click send doesn’t do anything. No js call and no email send. Fixed
5871 Admin – Label Configuration – Loading Issues Admin – Label Configuration – Loading Issues

When loading the Admin – Label Configuration page, we should only load the Admin labels list, because that is the default. We shouldn’t be loading all module labels. This will make the page perform better. Only load the labels for the module selected in the dropdown.

6295 Navigating to /arkcase/login allowed after already logged in Issue:
When navigating to /arkcase/login after logging in with another user is allowed. If a different user is then logged in, then the session information conflicts with the logged in user. Root issue is that /login is still open after being logged in.

ACLs applied to requests made by the first user are incorrect as they use information from the second logged in user.

How to reproduce:
1. Login with on
2. In a new tab, navigate to

Expected result:
1. /arkcase/login redirects to home page since a user is already signed in.

Actual result:
1. Able to reach /arkcase/login and login again.

6326 Searching Case Numbers in the Case Module doesn’t work Searching Case Numbers in the Case Module doesn’t work

The following issues are found with IE, Chrome, and Firefox.
1) Case Number search does not return match unless user enters case number with no dashes, for certain cases.
I searched on Case Number F-6713-85, and no results were returned. When I searched on the case number with spaces instead of dashes, results were returned. Please see screen captures below.

No results returned if case number entered with dashes-

Results returned with spaces instead of dashes –

6264 Add new ‘Sequence’ field in PDS ArkCase The PDS client has requested that we add a new field, ‘Sequence,’ to the (Advanced) Search Results Screen. This will allow the users to search on a box, and view the cases and documents in the box in the exact order in which they are organized in the actual box.
The field should also be added at the case level UI page. If this could be delivered to DEV early next week (by 7/ 17) that would be great.

See UI mockups for details.

6327 Can’t Edit the Case Status from the Case Global Info Bar Can’t Edit the Case Status from the Case Global Info Bar

User can’t edit the case status of Conflict/Normal. This was working previously. Please see below. The ‘Normal’ that is shown should be a drop-down, with values of ‘normal,’ ‘conflict’ and ‘Delete.’ In addition, because the status can’t be changed, the admin can’t delete a case. Timmy indicated that he could delete cases previously by selecting the ‘Delete’ option from this menu.

6358 FOIA – Admin – Remove Module configuration part Module Configuration needs to be removed from the Admin/Application, until it’s fully functional Fixed