Release 3.2.17

The newest point release of ArkCase, version 3.2, was released on November 16th, 2018.  This point version is v3.2.17.  For more information, please review the release notes below.


Ticket ID Summary Resolution
6963 Time and Cost Tracking Approval Task not shown in the table Fixed
6955 Time and Cost Tracking – Approval Task – Workflow Issue Fixed
6939 Time and Cost Tracking modules issues Fixed
6912 Upgrade Sonar build to use upgraded Sonar version Fixed
6910 FOIA – Queue Details Page – Billing Issues Fixed
6899 Angular deployer should account for new Angular dependencies Fixed
6886 On edit “Confirm Auth User Password” field is not populated in Ldap configuration modal Fixed
6882 Configurable dashboard banner (browser advice) Fixed
6837 New FOIA CORE Correspondence Templates Fixed
6834 Web Portal/Application – Add “All fees up to $25.00” to the Select Amount Willing to Pay dropdown Fixed
6833 FOIA Web Portal – Implement Notifications Fixed
6832 FOIA – Labels missing Fixed
6831 Changing Assignee on the object (Case or Complaint) does not change participants on the child objects (documents) Fixed
6830 Checked-out document cannot be Checked-in Fixed
6827 FOIA – Download selected Files/Folders issue Fixed
6825 Dashboard – Wrong Widgets show on First time new user logs in Fixed
6824 Can’t Update RequestDispostionType and RequestDispostionSubType Lookup Tables Fixed
6823 Correspondence Merge Terms should be pulling Value not Key from the Lookup tables Fixed
6820 FOIA – Issue with Label Reset Fixed
6811 Improvements in Adding/Editing participants Fixed
6809 Costsheet Naming convention needs to be fixed Fixed
6808 Timesheet Naming convention needs to be fixed Fixed
6804 Change Amount Willing to Pay dropdown options Fixed
6803 UI improvements for “OK” buttons all-over the application Fixed
6801 Report – Fix “Fees Collected for Processing Requests”
6799 Timesheet Configuration – The rate should be in dollars on the table and in add table model Fixed
6796 FOIA – user can insert decimal values in time to complete section of the admin module Fixed
6795 Check in and cancel editing option disabled for a checked out document and other strange behavior Fixed
6790 Time and Cost – Change the workflow so no approval is needed Fixed
6786 Add extension and customer support to ArkCase Angular deployer and Spring bean web.xml entries Fixed
6782 Participant ID changed after participant type is changed Fixed
6779 Download All Files does not work if folder is selected (Firefox) Fixed
6778 Request Status search does not require full last name Fixed
6777 Email with Attachment and Hyperlink does send Email Fixed
6776 Links to Notes do not open from history table Fixed
6775 FOIA – Burning Redactions on a Document that already has Redactions removes exemption codes Fixed
6767 FOIA – Extension Checkbox Issue Fixed
6761 FOIA – Web portal – Not able to attach .msg file to request Fixed
6748 Update username in annotation notes to FirstName LastName Fixed
6747 Add timestamp to modified date in request modules Fixed
6744 Change Exemption Creator to display FirstName LastName Fixed
6695 OnlyOffice – lock is acquired even if user has only read permissions Fixed
6693 Change subject of release email Fixed
6666 Login error after cleared cache Fixed
6659 Add Created and Last Modified fields to global header Fixed
6644 Edit Online Functionality not working Fixed
6632 FOIA – When request is submitted from FOIA portal, organization is not inserted Fixed
6553 FOIA – Searching public documents/folders in reading room is not working – only on TEST Fixed
6481 Billing Table – 508 Issues Fixed
6412 FOIA – “Due Date” and remaining days values are not correct if user select “Include Weekends as Working Days” in Holiday Schedule and when there is holiday within Fixed
6379 FOIA – Change the Owning Group Picker Fixed
6377 Admin privilege should not be required to get the holiday configuration or the queue time-to-complete Fixed
6342 FOIA – Queue Viewer Details Page -Creator should just be a system user when the request is created from the web portal Fixed
6288 Email modal is not opened when user try to send document by email from Task module Fixed
6282 Organization added to Complaint can’t be edited – 500 error occurs Fixed
6105 400 error occurs when user try to insert organization with 2 emails Fixed
6088 Merge Functionality – Need to change the Search Modal to New Modal Fixed
6033 508 – Implement ngAria in the ArkCase Core Fixed
5983 Acquire and release READ lock when Snowbound window is closed Fixed
5904 Document Locks Fixed
5876 403 error occurs when user tries to add folders or upload files on a costsheet Fixed
5577 There is not field validation for phone field in Person Fixed
5477 Translation for Admin Module Fixed
5150 Some of labels are not translated into Russian Fixed