Report Configuration

Use Administration/Reports Configuration to specify which user roles can access which pre-defined reports.

Select the report in the Choose Reports column, then use the >> or << icons to authorize or de-authorize user roles.

Report Designer

Reports Configuration includes a link to Report Designer.

Use Report Designer to define, save, and share your own reports. See Adhoc Reports for more information.


Report Exporting Options

Use Report Exporting Options to configuure the annual FOIA reports in PDF or XML (NIEM) formats by year.

Reports Scheduling

Use Reports Scheduling to send selected reports to specified email addresses. To schedule a report:

1. Choose Reports Scheduling. The Existing Schedules window opens.

2. Click +.  The Reports Scheduling window opens.

3. Enter the Report Type, Recurrence, Start Date, End Date, Results Filter Start Date, Results Filter End Date, Output Format, and Email Address(es).

4. Click Submit.