Update Reports Configuration for Role Assignment

The Reports Configuration provides users the ability to manage all aspects of design, creating, updating, enhancing, and security for canned reports.  The Reports Configuration provides the following:

  • Quick Access to report designer:
    • Creating
    • Editing
    • Deleting
  • Easy publishing of new reports
  • Role Based Access Control around each and every report

Reports Configuration

Create New Report

The create report functionality will allow authorized users the ability to create new Interactive Reports.

1. By clicking the Report Designer button a new tab will open to the report designer login page.

designer login page

2. When the user logs in they can create a new Interactive Report.

Create a New Interactive Report

3. Once the user select “Interactive Report”, they can drag and drop columns to build their report.

Interactive Report

Report Exporting Options

This section will allow authorized users the ability to export the annual FOIA reports in bulk in both PDF and XML (NIEM) formats by year.

Report Exporting OptionsReport Exporting Options

Reports Scheduling

This section will allow authorized users to schedule reports to automatically be delivered to any email address(es).

Reports Scheduling

1. To add a new report schedule, select the plus button to the right of the directory name.

2. Enter the Report Type, Recurrence, Start Date, End Date, Results Filter Start Date, Results Filter End Date, Output Format, and Email Address.

Reports Scheduling-1

3. Then click the submit button.