ArkCase FOIA Presentation at the Next Gen FOIA Tech 2.0 Showcase

At the Next Gen FOIA Tech 2.0 Showcase, the ArkCase FOIA solution was demonstrated to address FOIA challenges.

Streamlining FOIA Reviews with ArkCase Auto-Redaction

Discover how ArkCase's Auto-Redaction feature streamlines FOIA reviews, automating redactions and exemption coding.
cover image of the presentation 10 ways arkcase foia helps agencies cut processing time

ArkCase FOIA Presentation at the DGI FOIA Automation Conference

This is one of the more interesting titles I’ve gotten this year – How you can ensure all agency FOIA professionals can take their
arkcase complaint management solution thumbnail

ArkCase Complaint Management Solution Demo

So what I’d like to do is to go ahead and set the stage. Before we actually get into the actual demo of the application, let’s
anonymous requester

Request Information Anonymously

If a user clicks on the anonymous request form, you will see that this allows requestors to fill in the information about the
enable disable forgot username password

Enable or Disable Forgot Username and Password

When you’re on the login page of ArkCase you are to provide your username and password in order to log in in case you forgot
help link select privileges settings

Help link for Select Privileges Settings

Here we can go and select help link. This takes us to our online online page for support and we can download the latest admin
instructions for sequence configuration

Instructions for Sequence Configuration

If we go into the admin panel, look for application management and select sequence configuration. We have the ability to go and
progress indicator

Progress Indicator in Snowbound Document

If we go into case files and select any case and documents node, you can try and select the document in order to view it and later
pulling exemption codes

Pulling Exemption Codes from Correspondence Templates

If we go into the admin module we can see that the admin has the ability to manage correspondences, so if we go into the
arkcase demo

ArkCase FOIA Demo – Quick Overview

ArkCase FOIA provides simple intuitive request process while leveraging options like ediscovery, auto redaction, video redaction
ArkCse Foia overview featured image

Overview Of The FOIA Solution

Are you facing backlog which is causing even more delays. The volume of data that needs to be processed with each FOIA request is
arkcase solution overview

ArkCase FOIA Solution Overview

In this presentation I want to touch a few concepts related to the FOIA process, the first concept will talk about the
Modern FOIA Solution Webinar Demo

Modern FOIA Solution Webinar (DEMO Only)

Alright, so before we actually get into is there’s a lot we want to cover for ArkCase FOIA. Yeah but I do want to give you kind of
arkcase transcript functionality

ArkCase – Transcription Functionality

The transcribe functionality is ArkCase the product integrated with AWStranscription service. In this video, you can see
Modern FOIA Solution Webinar (Full Webinar)

Modern FOIA Solution Webinar (Full Webinar)

Brief overview of what and who Armedia is, what we do and a quick question and answer session.
Administration Configuration

Administration Configuration

Overall demo of the ArkCase legal version where you can see the process of creating users, how actually create the
Administration Overview

Administration – Overview

The overview of ArkCase administration and how to update the ArkCase admin configuration.
Overview of administrative security

Overview of Administrative Security

The overview process of administrative security and how to do it.
Export Search Results

Export Search Results

Simple and easy. Learn how you can search and export your search results in ArkCase.
Overview of Arkcase Search

Overview of ArkCase Search

See what ArkCase search module offers and how to use it.
Quick Search

Quick Search

Few clicks to finding results. See how to use the ArkCase option of searching.
filter on facets

Filter on Facets

Now you can easily find wanted results. This is the way of searching and filtering your results.
ArkCase Overview v3.1

ArkCase Overview v3.1

Step by step tutorial. Detailed overview of ArkCase 3.1, Widgets, and explanation.
customizing your dashboard

Customizing your dashboard

In this video, you can see the process of organizing the dashboard. ArkCase gives you the ability to manipulate your dashboard
Arkcase FOIA

ArkCase – FOIA Overview

Detailed FOIA ArkCase version overview. Full with modules that are available out of the box and going through an actual workflow
ArkCase Create a New Task

ArkCase – Create a New Task

Step by step through creating a new task and ultimately appended to a case or a complaint or any other object in the system.
ArkCase How To get ArkCase Help

ArkCase – How to get ArkCase help?

In case you need help using ArkCase, this is where you can find your answer. ArkCase offers help with answering all your questions.

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