Run an Audit Report

Audit Report Search Criteria

Report Search Criteria

Select a Report Name in the Browse Panel of the Audit module. The report name choice filters the results, reducing the run time for the report and the amount of data returned.

1. In the Name Report field, select a report from the list. Depending on the selected report, additional parameters will become available.

Note: Your organization’s configuration and permissions determine the reports and parameters that you see.

2. Fill in the Object ID number field to audit on specific item by either entering or pasting the system assigned numeric identifier.

Note: Your local configuration may not include the second-level parameter field or may display a different field name and list of options.

3. Select a date Range.  In the From and To boxes, enter or select from the dropdown menu a date range.

Note: The default date range setting is limited to the current day.

4. Click Generate Audit Report. The report displays in the Detail Frame of the page.

Generate as XML

You can generate the Audit Report as an XML file. If you choose XML, the report will be displayed in an alternate browser tab.

1. Select Show as XML.

2. Click Generate Audit Report button. The system generates an XML report.

XML format