Running Reports

Report Search Criteria

Report Search Criteria

Select the report criteria in the Browse Panel of the Report module. The criteria allows you to tailor results, and conserve search time and the amount of physical data returned.

1. In the Report field, select a report from the list. Depending on the selected report, one or more additional parameters will become available.


Note: Search criteria are selected in the Browse Panel. Your organization’s configuration and permissions determine the reports and parameters that you see.

2. Select an option from the State list drop-down to further specify the content of the selected report. In the core ArkCase application, the Case Summary Report makes available a list of states that apply to a case, such as DraftIn Approval, and Closed.


Note: Your local configuration may not include the second-level parameter field, or may display a different field name and list of options.

3. To limit the results to a time period, select a date Range.  In the From and To boxes, enter or select from the calendar a date range.


Note: The default date range setting is limited to the current day.

4. Click Generate Report to return the results. The report displays in the Detail Frame of the page.

Generate as XML

Generating the report as an XML file is an option you have. If you choose to do this, the XML report will be displayed in an alternate browser tab.

1. To generate the report as an XML, select the check box before ‘Show as XML’.


2. When you select the ‘Generate report’ button, the report will generate in XML format.

Generate report