Background Investigation
Background Investigation

Background Investigations are a critical task in ensuring that candidates are properly vetted as suitable for employment and in determining which facilities, systems, and information they can …

complaint management
Complaint Management

Incidents (i.e., fraud, accidents, harassment, poor customer experience, etc.) can happen at any time. This means that your customers, partners, or employees should be able to reach out…

correspondence management
Correspondence Management

Consider how your employees spend their time. How much of their day is spent creating, sending, and receiving correspondences? According to a report conducted by the …

Data Privacy Management
Data Privacy Management

In a post-WikiLeaks world, data privacy requests are growing as people worry about companies and agencies storing privately identifiable information. Privacy laws such as the EU’s General…

foia public records
FOIA / Public Records / ATIP

Growing FOIA / Public Records requests submitted by citizens is pushing these agencies to their limits. At the same time, agencies are expected to do more work and save more resources….

human resource management
Human Resource Management

Successfully managing layers of employee information requires tremendous attention to detail. Organizations can improve the flow of personnel data using a case management system…

arkcase investigation
Investigative Case Management

For law enforcement/internal affairs organizations and investigation departments, case tracking becomes one of the most important ways to ensure accountability and to increase the…

audio video management
Media Management

Transcribing audio can be a sluggish process. For those looking for a solution to scale or speed up video transcription, a solution is automated audio to text. The solution takes artificial intelligence…