State of TN Selects Legal Management & Public Records Request Solutions

ArkCase Implements New Legal Case Management Solution for the State of Tennessee

VIENNA, VA, May 16th, 2024 – ArkCase is thrilled to announce the deployment of a Legal Case Management Solution for the State of Tennessee’s Office of General Counsel. This solution is designed to revolutionize how state legal cases are managed by integrating document management, correspondence management, and task management capabilities directly within the application. The implementation of this solution will significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Office’s operations, enabling streamlined case handling, improved organization, and better task coordination.

ArkCase Launches Public Record Request Solution for the State of Tennessee

In a separate initiative, ArkCase is proud to introduce its Public Record Request Solution, also selected by the State of Tennessee. This cutting-edge platform is tailored to manage public record requests comprehensively, facilitating the entire request workflow. From submission to adjudication, the system is equipped to handle document collection, review processes including redaction and de-duplication, and efficient correspondence management. Enhanced with AI/ML technologies, the solution offers powerful reporting and analytics tools, empowering the State to process requests with unprecedented speed and accuracy, ultimately improving transparency and public access to information.

About ArkCase

ArkCase is a global leader in open-source and enterprise case management technology by providing a highly configurable, secure and compliant platform. This platform provides core competencies to modernize an enterprise solution that includes content management, personalized dashboard, AI/ ML, predictive analysis, reporting and workflow. By taking advantage of the latest open-source technologies, ArkCase provides a low-code environment that is cost-effective to implement and maintain. For more information, please visit


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