The ArkCase Page

ArkCase Page Layout

The ArkCase page has a page banner, sidebar, and action menu or object details.

ArkCase Global Banner

The global banner is the top border of the ArkCase page. You can use these global operations from any page in ArkCase.

The global actions are:

  • the ArkCase header logo, which takes you to your home screen (dashboard page).
  • the global New allows you to create new content in the application, like a new case file or task.
  • the advanced search allows you to search from any page in the application.
  • internationalization allows you to set your language preference.

ArkCase Global Banner

User Menu

Click the user name to access the user profile, help (this documentation), or to log out manually.

  • Profile – Opens your profile page.
  • Help – Links to the ArkCase Help Guide pages.
  • Logout – Closes your ArkCase Session.


Page Sidebar

The sidebar lets you navigate from module to module.

Action Menu

The menu of actions available depend on your user role and the type of object.