TOP 5 Case Management Principles: Discover How to Boost Your Organization’s Productivity With ArkCase 

We all want to increase the maturity of our department and the effectiveness of our team. Many companies strive to improve organizational productivity without understanding the core of the problem. Team productivity is crucial to your organization’s success. But, how can you measure team productivity?

Here we will show you the top 5 case management principles to help you analyze the performance of your team and boost your organization’s productivity.

  1. Tracking Your Productivity And Utilization

To boost your organization’s productivity, you first need to know how well each employee is utilized. Effective utilization isn’t just about working tons of hours. It is about how many of the working hours are productive (i.e. creating value for your organization).

Common to most successful people is planning and effective use of working time, not the number of working hours per day. There are many factors that can affect your organization’s productivity and utilization. Most importantly, you will need to find out how your employees are currently spending their time. The ArkCase platform offers you a good starting point, allowing you to track the hours that employees work on projects and activities.

Most employees have different skill sets and experience. That means that employees have different levels of productivity. However, the ArkCase platform provides essential data in creating a realistic picture of how people perform and what activities are they working on.

productivity and utilization arkcase

  1. Analyzing Employee Productivity

Determining the status of different activities your employees do will provide an additional level of analysis. Categorizing activities as productive/nonproductive or chargeable/non-chargeable will provide a better understanding of work quality.

Analyzing data across departments may highlight issues in the structure of your organization. It can identify areas for potential improvement such as training requirements. No matter what metrics you choose to analyze, it is important to maintain an open mind. Other factors that may contribute to organizational productivity are:

  • Effectiveness of your planning
  • Status of your projects
  • Performance of your managers

analyzing with arkcase platform

  1. Improving Your Planning

With a better understanding of your employees’ work using existing business processes, you can find new ways to improve productivity.

To do so, you can use a variety of tools such as project planning software and resource scheduling software. These will allow you to schedule employee tasks, assignments, and milestones. These apps provide management aid with useful information on the planned vs. the actual productivity. You can find out the planned/actual productivity ratio per-worker, per department and ultimately organization-wide.

improve you planning with arkcase

  1. Optimizing With ArkCase

With a better understanding of your organization’s productivity through ArkCase reports and analytics, you can use the results of the planning to make appropriate changes and compare expected results.  During this phase, you may discover that streamlined or even new processes need to be implemented to achieve the desired results.  This effort can be more art than science.

Ensure that everybody involved in the process has a clear understanding of the objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs).

  1. Creating A Productive Work Environment

This doesn’t mean equipping your office with branded furniture and supplies.

A productive work environment is where employees share ideas, tap into each other’s knowledge and experience, and limit the impact of any absent workers.

Working together can accomplish more, therefore, make sure your team collaborates. ArkCase makes an ideal platform for cooperation. Your team can easily share ideas, knowledge, and experience. Equally important, ArkCase promotes organizational focus, each team member’s contribution will be associated to a common goal. Formal collaboration tools directly benefit your organization by allowing greater innovation, better issue solving and improved efficiency in project delivery. The result: boosted organization productivity.

productive working environment arkcase

Wrap Up

For any organizational progress, you first need to know where you are, and where you want to go. So first you will need to understand your organization’s current productivity and define variables for measuring your specific business.

Then you can improve your employee productivity by comparing planned versus actual results, which will give you a realistic view of the organization’s health. During this tune-up process, make sure you communicate to your entire team that this will be an iterative process in which they all are key stakeholders.

Strive to create an environment where your team members will share knowledge, ideas and lessons learned. All of this will boost your organization’s productivity‒and your customers’ satisfaction.


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