ArkCase Leverages Amazon Transcribe For Multimedia Transcription


Did you know that on average, the industry standard for transcribing one hour of clear audio is 6-8 hours of manual transcription time? This is a 4:1 ratio for clear audio. What if the audio quality is poor?  Manually transcribing poor audio could take up to nine hours to transcribe one hour (9:1) totaling up to an enormous amount of man hours spent overall.  But, what if I told you that ArkCase’s Transcription functionality could save you and your business an enormous amount of time and money on your transcription efforts? Well, ArkCase can do that AND so much more.

Leveraging Amazon Transcribe Service, ArkCase provides a unique, easy-to-use user interface to view, stream, and transcribe audio and video rich media files. The transcription functionality allows users to upload audio and video files within ArkCase and the automated transcription functionality will send the files to Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) service, which will then produce the transcription files.  ArkCase processes the AWS transcription file and visualizes it within the ArkCase user interface.  The user interface allows for streaming the rich media file while viewing the transcription text.  This is extremely helpful when manually assuring the quality of the transcription text.

What Does ArkCase Transcription Functionality Provide?

ArkCase users can perform many different actions on the transcribed file. For example:

  • Viewing File Details
    • Language
    • Total Word Count
    • Confidence Rating of the Transcribed File
    • Transcription Status (In Process, Complete)
  • Listening or Viewing a File in a Streaming Viewer with Closed Caption
  • Searching for text within audio or video files
    • Jumping to that section of the audio or video
  • Tagging the file based on the transcription
  • Viewing Individual Sections of the Transcription Text
    • Each Transcription Text Section Shows:
      • Start Time of that Section of Text
      • Confidence Rating of that Section of Text
    • Editing Individual Sections of Transcription Text during QA
    • Automatically Compile the Transcription Text into a Single Document File


ArkCase transcription functionalities

Can ArkCase’s Transcription Functionality be Configured?

ArkCase transcription functionality also provides administration configurations for certain transcribe options:

  • Enable Transcription to turn on/off Transcription Functionality
  • Automatic or Manual Transcription to decide if you want all rich media files processed or to manually select the files you want to be processed
  • Word Count per transcribed section for chunking and readability
  • Setting Confidence Threshold for highlighting sections that may need human reviewing


ArkCase transcription configuration

An Administrator can control the transcription functionality for all users in the ArkCase application, by enabling or disabling the functionality.  If the functionality is enabled, the rich media files can be sent to AWS for transcription manually or automatically.  If the Administrator selects to enable automatic transcription, then each rich media file that is uploaded into ArkCase will be automatically sent to the Amazon Transcribe service.  The Administrator can also control the word count and confidence threshold for each section of transcription text.  ArkCase will flag any sections of transcription text that do not meet the configured confidence threshold.

ArkCase transcription can support many different use cases, no matter your specific business needs.  If you want to be more efficient, save time, and get more value from your audio and video content, ArkCase is for you. For more information, please see the links below or feel free to reach out to us at


In the past few years, multimedia content is used more than ever. This means that the world data trapped in multimedia formats becomes larger and more difficult to use. To help you solve this problem and use multimedia content to your advantage, we made this integration of ArkCase, Alfresco, and AWS.

ArkCase, Alfresco, and AWS built a platform that can help enterprises derive value from the ever-increasing multimedia content. Thanks to this integration, enterprises of all sizes can now use Armedia Legal Module and Amazon Transcribe as part of it.

Armedia Legal Module turns any audio or video file into a text format which can later be used as any other textual document. No more external transcription services. No more waiting. No more time wasted.


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  1. Mamta Sharma

    What is AWS Transcribe?
    AWS Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Transcribe has made it possible to add speech to text capabilities to any application. With AWS Transcribe, you get features that help to produce easy to read and review transcription while ingesting audio or video input, improved customization accuracy, and content filtration for customer privacy.


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