Treeview of a Costsheet

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Costsheet Treeview

ArkCase FOIA displays a list of all Costsheets that you are authorized to view or act on in the Browse Panel. The treeview allows you to sort or search on the list of costsheets.

Search, Sort, Refresh Treeview

The costsheet list allows you to:

  • Sort
  • Search
  • Expand to view details
  • Open a Costsheet
  • Refresh the list.

Search for a Costsheet

Use Search to locate a Costsheet or narrow the list of Costsheets. Search entries must contain only the metadata from the Costsheet titles. You can use a wild card (*).

1. Enter criteria in the Search box to narrow the list of Costsheets that appear.

2. Select, Go!

Search box

Sort the list of Organizations

Use Sort to reorder the list display.

1. To sort the list, click the Sort button to open a drop-down list of options.

2. Select a Sort option from the list.

Refresh the List

Click the Refresh button to update the list with the latest related details

Click the Refresh