Updating your Profile

Editing your Profile

On the profile page you can change your user image, view your subscriptions, edit your contact information, and edit your company details as needed.

To edit your profile, click the down arrow next to your user name to access the Profile menu.

Update your Image

To change your user image, select Change Picture.
Select an image file from your computer. The image will refresh with your new image.


On the profile page you will see a list of the groups to which you belong. These are managed in the user account management outside of the ArkCase application.You will also see your Subscriptions list. If you have subscribed to any requests, you will see them listed here. To unsubscribe to an item, select it from the list, then choose Unsubscribe Selected.

Contact Information and Company Detail

You will also see panels for Contact Information and Company Detail.

To edit a value, select the blue text. An editing box opens. Enter the new text, then click the checkmark.