Updating your Profile

welcome to our case today we’re going to
update our our case profile we’re gonna
go ahead and login to our case and we’re
going to land on the home screen or the
dashboard screen we’re gonna go to the
top and select profile as you can notice
here there’s quite a bit of information
on the profile everything from Anne’s
picture to her name her email address
all the group’s she’s associated to and
our actual subscriptions additionally
she has contact information company and
details and then she can actually update
her Outlook password enter LDAP password
directly from this location all of the
text that’s in blue is actual inline
editing and I’m going to go ahead and
make her an administrator I can also
update her location information and once
again I can enter in each and every one
of these fields that are hyperlinked in
blue which are inline editing I also
have the ability to unsubscribe to one
or many of the actual subscriptions from
the profile page once again this is how
you update your our case profile