Web Portal – Request Status Page (Authenticated)

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The second page on the web portal is called the “Request Status” page. This page allows the requester to check the status of their previously submitted requests.

1. Once the request has been submitted, the requester can browse to the Request Status page and see the status of that request or any of their other submitted requests.

enter request number

2. If the request has been ‘Released’, the requester will receive an email informing them that the request is ready for download and to click the link to check the status.

3. By clicking the link, the requester will be redirected to the request status page and if not already logged in, the user will be prompted to login to check the status.

4. The requester can now see the request ID in the search results will be a hyperlink.

request ID

5. The requester can click the hyperlink to download the request document(s).

budget sample 2 zip file request document download