Update Workflow Configuration for Role Assignment

The workflow configuration provides users the ability to manage all aspects of design, creating, updating, and enhancing workflow. The workflow configuration provides the following:

  • Quick Access to workflow designer:
    • Version Control of workflow
    • Editing
    • Deleting
  • Download Workflow
  • Upload a Workflow
  • Version Workflow Versions
  • Preview a Workflow Diagram

Workflow Configuration

Download a Workflow

  • Click the download icon button and the workflow will download in XML format.

Upload a Workflow

  • Click the upload icon button and a new workflow can be browsed for and uploaded.

Upload a Workflow

View Workflow Versions

  • Click the refresh icon button and the a list of previous workflows can be viewed and older versions can be made active.


Preview a Workflow Diagram

  • Click the Preview iconbutton, which will open a preview of that workflow diagram.

Process Diagram

Create New Workflow

The workflow configuration provides users the ability to create new workflows.

1. Click the Create New Model button to open the workflow designer.

2. Now enter the login information and sign in.

sign in

3. Once signed in, user can edit current workflows or add new workflows.

  • Workflows don’t have to be created in Activiti but can be designed in any BPMN 2.0 compliant workflow designer.

4. Once the workflow is ready, download the workflow in XML format and upload that file into ArkCase FOIA, by clicking the Upload New BPMN button.