Your ArkCase FOIA Experience

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Your ArkCase FOIA Experience

The specifics of your local ArkCase FOIA configuration–the configuration, customization and permissions–affect what you see, what options are available to you, and how requests move through the queues/workflow. The queues, screens, and workflows adapted for your organization may be slightly different than the Out of The Box (OOTB) ArkCase FOIA examples in this document.


Your organization configures and customizes the ArkCase FOIA installation to the requirements of your business. The Help pages show the default configuration for Out of the Box ArkCase FOIA solution.  Configuration transforms the OOTB ArkCase Application—use of modules, automated review and approval, access roles and permissions, and the parameters for reporting and audit.


Workflows are business-based, supporting processes that run in the background. They help ensure that requests are consistently and correctly handled in a precise set of steps. Automatic streamlining of process and workflows saves your organization the time of manual completion.

Pre-defined business actions (events) trigger next steps, for example, the requester submits a request to be fulfilled, at which time a request is automatically placed in the Intake Queue for processing. The procedure is the same for every new request. The new request form and acknowledgement letter are created and routed to the document management section of the request. The request can then be processed through each queue from fulfill to approval before being released back to the requester.

Roles and Permissions

ArkCase FOIA navigation and viewing is based on Role Based Access Control (RBAC). Your role, and the user group(s) to which you belong, determine the content you can access and the action you can take within the application.