Your Profile

Your ArkCase FOIA user profile includes your:

  • Profile picture
  • Email address
  • Signature
  • ArkCase groups you belong to
  • Subscriptions
  • Contact information
  • Company/organization details

Access Your Profile

1. To open your profile, click the drop-down arrow next to your name.

2. Click My Profile. Your Profile page opens. 


The groups to which you belong are listed. These determine your role and what content you have access to in the system. The groups are managed through your user directory, for example, LDAP. You cannot change them in the system.

Update Profile Picture

1. Click Change Picture.

2. Select the image from your files to upload.

3. Click Open. The image is then added as your picture.

Note: Acceptable image file formats are .jpeg/jpg, .png, and .gif.

Update Other Content

To add or change other information in your profile, select the blue text, enter the new information, then click the checkmark to save, for example, Office Phone.

Update Signature

1. Click Change Signature.

2. Navigate to an image file of your signature and upload. Refresh to view the updated signature.

Delete Subscriptions

On the Subscriptions table, click the trash icon for the subscription. To delete multiple subscriptions, click the checkmark in front of the titles, then choose Unsubscribe Selected.